The Joy of Writing

Dear1 and Dear2 blog have this ‘Randomly Dear1 Dear2‘ function and Dear2 happened to click on it one day.  To my surprise and horror, Dear1 and Dear2 had been writing so much last time! Unknowingly, we are now in de third year of our blog writing.  What is more amazing is that, there was even a period of time when we tried to post daily.  Talk about habits and perseverance, haha.

Nope, I’m not going to lament on why Dear1 and Dear2 cannot post daily nowadays.  What I’m going to say is, how, if u’d just push yourself to do something, u’ll almost certainly be able to achieve it, once de momentum gets started and things just become easier.

“When u have to write a post everyday, u start to see things on a more refined manner, becos u need to generate new ideas!” That was what Dear1 commented.  True.  Just try writing a post everyday, and u’ll find yourself looking at things more closely, and u’ll also ponder on things which u’ll normally not notice at all.  Amazing!

Our thots and emotions are just like a machine, one that u need to lubricate occasionally so that it can function better.  Stimulate your mind with new things by writing consistently, and u’ll realise that there’s actually a lot of beautiful things which u have missed out.  We Singaporeans have been living a too-boring life, and it’s time that we look up (from consistently looking down at our phones, ipod, DS, PSP, sudoku, or even de ‘pretending to sleep on MRT’ pose) and start to look at and ponder on what we can do to make this place a better place for all.


– Dear2


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