Cough Cough Week 4

Dear2 wrote about week 3 sometime back, and as emphasized on de importance of water, Dear2 really fell ill de following week.  Gosh.  It was a coughing week 4 thru out.

With baby in de womb, there’s a lot of constraints in what mtb (mum to be) can eat or take.  So doctor prescribed a milder form of cough syrup which Dear2 dutifully finished (2 bottles in all!) and plenty of sleep and water, and Dear2 is still not yet recovered from de cough. Sigh… More water and more plenty of rest is necessary in this natural fight against de cough…

Dear2 has also started visiting some forums to keep up with de on-goings with other mtbs too.  Such support groups are actually very useful for new mtbs, cos u know that all de discomforts and sudden change in preferences are nothing unusual at all.  But readers may have to beware of forums that talks nothing much except what de mtbs have for daily breakfasts and lunches.  Just gossipy…

There seems to be more pregnant ladies on de road nowadays, is it de effectiveness of de government’s 4 months maternity leave incentive (applause please!), or are Singaporeans taking de opportunity of de economic downturn to be more ‘productive’?  If it’s de former, (applause again!) to our government’s successful efforts in raising birth rates (now we dun have to wait for dragon years, haha).  But Dear2 has de feeling that it’s probably due to us wanting to be more ‘productive’ in de not-so-distant past’s ‘gloomy’ circumstances.  Of course de added various carrots did spice it all up a bit, haha.

Jiayou jiayou, let’s quickly recover from this irritating cough soon.

– Dear2


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