Week 3 – Fluids Deprived!

Pregnancy has made Dear2 experience bad frequent urination, plus de un-appetizing taste of plain water (remember, Dear2 loves water!) caused Dear2 cut down on her water intake dramatically over de week.  Bad habit, cos de work week has barely ended, and Dear2 was seriously dehydrated.

No, no drama of putting on drips and such, haha, but de illiquidity of fluids in de body means that toxins and heat cannot be effectively dissipated from de body.  De result: reduced body resistance + accumulation of body heat = beginnings of sore throat which spells signs of bigger ills at large.

On Sat, Dear2 sprang into action and gulped down cups and bowls of juices, flavoured drinks, herbal tea (opps, can drink herbal tea?), soups and porridge and fruits to desperately increase the body’s fluid intake. Plus lots of sleep and rest, Dear2 and baby managed to restore de body’s liquid level to healthier levels, yeah.

Our body requires water to take away de waste that we produce, as well as the heat in our body which is especially abundant during those hot months.  De irritating haze seems to be looming around as well, hence we need to keep our respiratory system well hydrated to perform its natural cleansing process.

So take heart – water is life, so gulp down lots of water now!

– Dear2

PS: Baby went for a second photoshoot (aka scan) this week. Oh, it is 3 times larger than 2 weeks back, now at 2.1 cm. Haha…


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