Driving License Obtained – Yeah

One of Dear2’s 2009 new year resolution was to obtain her driving license in 2009, and that was exactly what Dear2 did – pass her driving test.  Yeah!

Ever since Dear2 penned down her new year resolutions at the beginning of this year, she immediately popped down to BBDC to sign up as a member and to kick start her driving lessons (talk about striking while the iron is hot!).  So in Jan, she started on studying for the Final Theory Test and had her first practical lessons as well.

In Feb, lessons were stopped for 2 weeks as Dear1 and Dear2 went on the belated Japan honeymoon, and it was back to the tiring ordeal of 1 lesson every Sat AND Sun (the sacrifice of lazying on a weekend morning was indeed a huge and draining sacrifice when Dear2 had to wake up early in the morning to go for the lessons.  Why?  Becos the ‘good’ afternoon slots were often grabbed way in advance..).

The big day finally came, and it was a Sat (on hind sight, Saturdays are probably not the best days for driving tests, but that was the earliest date that is available to Dear2, after subtracting the ‘first and fifteen day of the lunar month becos BBDC is located right beside a temple).  Behold!  The ‘light’ weekend traffic so used to Dear2 becos all her lessons were taken during weekends was seemingly not so smooth after all.  No choice, we’ll just have to give our best shot.

The test started with the circuit courses first.  As an okay learner all the way throughout the course, Dear2 was almost confident that if she’ll just do everything as per normal, it’s gonna be a pass.  It was a breeze through until when Dear2 knocked down a pole during reverse parking.  ‘Sorry’ or not is not going to help, for the tester had already doomed to fail this unfortunate candidate.

To cut the long story short, Dear returned with a 32 points.  Understandably, the pole costed 10 points, and rest of the 2s and 4s that came from ‘failure to ensure safety when moving out’, ‘failure to check blindspot’ easily chalked that 22 points up.  Crap lah, Dear2 was so trained to AUTOMATICALLY turn her head every time during a turn and what is this ‘failure to check blindspot’!?!?  It was pretty clear what the reason was, and simply no recourse, so might as well resign to fate and go prepare for the next test.

Gotto top up the BBDC member card as Dear2 planned the balance to be just nice for 1 test attempt, gotto book 2 more lessons before the system allows u to register for the next exam, gotto check the lunar calender and book the next test date again.  Luckily the benefit of a school member is that we get to have test dates much earlier than private students (my $68.48 per lesson fee can finally be justified, as compared to private students whose lessons typically cost around just $50).

No pole knock downs, everything was smooth, and Dear2 was determined to exhibit a calm and confident look (tip: this is the most important tip as most learners who have been through the process will tell u; of course, the underlying condition is that u mustn’t strike the kerb/ knock down poles/ cause near-accidents/ be in an accident during the test day).  The outcome for Dear2 – an unsurprising pass.  Yeah!

Overall, Dear2 spent $2,200 on getting her license, quite a hefty amount as compared to peers who spent only about $1,000 odd.  It’s unfair, but I’m just glad that I am a qualified driver now.  Haha..

– Dear2


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