Couvade syndrome

Some weeks ago, when we first visited the gynae, our doctor explained to us some of the symptoms that we should expect, especially during the first trimester. We listened with much familiarity as most of the symptoms such as tiredness, poor appetite, bad sleep, etc has already been experienced by Dear2.

On our way home, I keep thinking, “I seemed to have some of the symptoms also leh…” And so I asked Dear2 for her opinion. Guess what Dear2 replied, “I also think so…” O_O

It’s true. Dear1 is getting fatter. Dear1 keep tossing and turning at night and need to get up multiple times to visit the toilet. Dear1 don’t have good appetite and prefers food with stronger flavour. Dear1 has food cravings at times. Dear1 feels bloaty and queasy. Dear1 has body-aches despite not having exercised in the past few weeks. Dear1 is always feeling tired and sleeps as much as Dear2 over the weekends. Dear1 is having pimples outbreak. Dear1 was constipated for a period of time, but has since recovered. Dear1 can be quite moody too…

We initially thought that this must be some kind of coincidence, until we read about this condition from a book that we borrowed from the national library. The book claims that some husbands do in fact experience symptoms similar to their wives. The name for this is Couvade syndrome, or sometimes knows as sympathetic pregnancy. Let’s take a look at its definition from Wikipedia.

Couvade syndrome is a medical/mental condition which “involves a father experiencing some of the behavior of his wife at near the time of childbirth, including her birth pains, postpartum seclusion, food restrictions, and sex taboos”.

A quick search on the internet (try: “husband has pregnancy symptoms”) reveals that many husbands around the world also experience such symptoms. Some of the stories are actually quite hilarious. Haha… Luckily, Dear1’s symptoms are not that serious.

No worries, Dear1 is ‘recovering’, and Dear2 is feeling better too. Yeah… :D



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