Baby is 12w4d old today.  The biggest discovery over the past week is that, a bra extender is indeed a very great invention! Haha.

Dear2 has been steadily increasing in size, at the hips and at the chest area.  Not that I deliberately measure myself with a measuring tape, but when your pants that were a-little-too-tight-but-still-can-button can no longer button anymore, and when u feel ‘tight’ everytime u wear your normal bra to work (vs the lousy home wears), you know that the infamous bodily changes are indeed taking place.  Dear2 is getting bigger, but just in overall size wise and not at the bump yet (hee… At this point in time, colleagues can’t tell that, becos Dear2 so cleverly hides her figure behind a shawl.  Everyday.  Haha.)

So when enough is enough, let’s just get a bra extender, Dear2 finally drag herself to a lingerie shop.  It’s quite paiseh to ask for maternity wear when u dun look like it at all, but who cares, I needed to breathe!  The Triumph shop at UOB plaza though small, seems to have all u need.  The bra extenders are displayed nicely at the counter, in black and skin color, and in 2 sizes.  Dear2 grabbed one of those at $6.90, and shun bian went on to enquire about maternity bras.  Oh, so these are never displayed among the rows and rows of beautiful and colorful bras that are so often seen.  Instead, the shapeless, skin colors are all stashed inside among the cupboards.  I see…

That increase by just an inch using the bra extender is enough to be heavens for Dear2.  At least I can breathe better now.  But the next problem came soon after – constipation.  No amount of pelvic floor exercise of the rear can help, though Dear2 suspects that downing myself in lots of fluids probably can aid a bit.  But then again, when u are feeling queasy all the time, and water (now even including flavoured fruit juices and ribena) taste yucky, we will have to solve the water problem later on.  For now, Dear2 is just feeling like a blown up ballon ready to explode.  Urgh.

Haha, again we found another saviour – prune juice.  One bottle in 1 big gulp (haha, too exaggerated), but the idea is there, to finish one whole bottle concentrated, and u will soon find yourself relieved of the torture.  But bear in mind this solution only works occasionally, so a bottle of prune  juice a day does not keep your gut smooth and clear everyday.  Lots of fluids, vege and fruits are still de best way to keep your bowels healthy.  Haiz.

Dear2 also went for the Oscar Test that day.  The gynae had initially planned for it on week 13, but the nurses felt that baby at week 13 might be a little too big to measure.  So Dear1 and Dear2 hastily went down to TMC the next day to join the waiting list.  A word of advice, never try to see a specialist on a waiting list, cos that means that even if u are the first person to reach the clinic, it’ll only likely to be your turn just before lunch.  Haiz.

The Oscar Test measures the risk of baby having Down’s Syndrome, and it’s done by trying to measure the height of baby’s nose and the length of his neck.  Down’s kids supposedly have flatter nose and thicker necks.  The Oscar Test seems like a very delicate feat, when baby is only 6cm in length now, and with him bouncing and turning constantly in the amniotic fluid.

The clinic has not informed us of the test results yet, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed for now.

– Dear2


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