Our E66 and E71

When we signed up for mio Home, we also signed up for two mobile lines with Singtel. After all, it is the 20% off mobile lines with the mio Home plan that constitute most of the savings in our phone bills. And since we’re signing up for new mobile lines, it also meant that we’re eligible to get 2 new mobile phones at contract prices.

Dear1 had recently gotten a Window Mobile phone in the form of the HTC Touch 3G so there’s no real need to get yet another phone so soon. Dear2 was still using her Nokia 6288 which had began to give problems so it was a good opportunity to get a new phone for her.

After seeing how *useful* my HTC Touch 3G is, Dear2 decided that she also wanted a smartphone, with GPS and WiFi, capable calendar/organizer functions, and Microsoft office like functions so that she can write a post whenever she gets an inspiration (i.e. on the MRT). Of course there’s also the budget constrain, hopefully we can get something cheaper than my Touch 3G.

A small search finally settled us on two candidates. The sibling phones, Nokia E66 and E71. Their differences are quite minor. E66 is a smaller slider with standard mobile keypad and equipped with accelerometer. E71 is a candy bar with QWERTY keyboard and a larger battery capacity. Other features are nearly identical. So the decision boils down to the difference in appearance. We went down to the Singtel Hello shop to take a look at both models and to have some hands on. Dear2 still couldn’t decide. So we decided to buy both the phone and decide on one eventually at home.

Now, buying at Hello shop normally isn’t a good bargain because the Singtel Shop online almost always offers a better deal. So we went online that night and ordered the E71 at an online exclusive price of $148 (it would have cost $300 something from the Hello Shop). There wasn’t any exclusive for the E66 but we waited until after 9pm to place our order because there was a 9pm~9am online discount of $30. So our final price for the E66 was $338 after discount.

Delivery was swift and we received our phones within 1 week. For the next few days, Dear2 held both phones in her hands to judge which one she would prefer. I forbade Dear2 from turning any of the phones on for trial because a brand new unused phone would fetch a higher price should we wish to sell one later. Finally, Dear2 made a choice and picked the E71 (I would have picked E71 too). Yipee!

The next thing to do was to sell off the spare E66. I went to Mobile Square website to get an understanding of the current market price for a no contract E66. It was selling at around $540. This meant that $540 was the theoretical upper limit for the selling price of the E66 (the selling price of E71 was $550, just $10 more). I advertised our E66 around and before long, we had a buyer and agreed on a price of $450.

So, to sum up, we spent a total of $138 + $338 = $476 to buy two phones from Singtel at contract prices. Then we sold off the E66 at $450. This meant that in effect, the E71 that Dear2 is using now cost just ($476 – $450) $26! Great deal. *thumbs up*

Actually, if we dun try to keep up with phone-fashions, and our phones are still in good condition and we dun need to get a new one, we can always stand to gain a few hundred dollars profit by recontracting, getting a new phone and selling it off. With the mio Home plan, the main line gets to recontract every 12 months, so let’s try to make use of it.



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