In the working mood

What is the working mood? It’s a question that I often ask myself over the past 3 years. ‘Work’ can mean both at the office (writing a report for boss) or at home (spring cleaning, etc). I’m quite sure the answer will be fairly philosophical and will no doubt lead to discussions about what we want in life or what do we live for. Although I still do not have an answer for this question, I was able to identify some conditions under which a good working mood can be achieved, at least for me.

It’s a matter of setting goals. In some ways, everyone wants to be a winner. And part of being a winner is to accomplish a preset goal. This is also one of the reasons that we always set new year resolutions, so that we have clear goals for at least a 12 month period that will serve to motivate us to work hard towards it. It also helps us remain focused and not be swayed by the delightful distractions of life (shopping, singing, sleeping).

It’s a matter of timing. Everyone has a certain ‘golden time zone’, such as late night owls who are extra productive after midnight. So it is up to the individual to understand him/herself to identify such a period of time and exploit it to the fullest. For instance, I tend to be more productive towards the end of a day (5pm onwards) and towards the end of a week (Thursday onwards) at the office. It funny cos most people tend to switch off and get ready to knock off or go into TGIF mood, but I’m suddenly productive during these times. So I try to laze around in the morning by going to morning tea breaks and early lunches, do the mundane tasks of checking emails, data entry and read literature in the first half of the day, then get ready for more creative work during the later half.

It’s a matter of situation. Different work requires different environment or situation. For example, I like to sweep/mop the floor when Dear2 is asleep. I like to write with my earphones on my ear but without music in them (<-weirdo). Putting on earphones also has the added advantage of making less people come to disturb me cos they will think I’m preoccupied. Also, sometimes they gossip about some juicy stuffs they dun want me to know becos they thot I can’t hear them, but I can. *evil grin* Whatever that gets things moving, just do it.

It’s contagious. And it works both ways. Mine being motivated may rub off on you, so will your enthusiasm spur me on. This is something out of our control in worklife. After all, we can’t keep changing jobs to search for the right bosses and colleagues to work with. It helps if the people around us are hardworking and motivated but that may not always be the case. Luckily for me, these lazy people had left and I’m currently sitting beside a hardworking guy.

I think we (Dear1 and Dear2) are at an age of self discovery. We’re seeking to understand ourselves and also life in general. Maybe we think too much. Maybe we’re over-informed. Maybe we need to appreciate the simpler things in life. Maybe that’s what they meant by 三十而立.



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