Week 13 in Review

Week 13 had been an awful week.  Dear2 had just recovered from a 2-weeks long cold, and was down with a cold again.  Groan… Dear2’s immune system is so vulnerable now, how I wish that I can just stay in a vacuum-tight capsule every minute until baby is born.  Go away all the viruses and bugs and flus!!!

Pregnancy books always talk about how the mtb’s motherly instinct suddenly comes alive during the third trimester and she will do a total thorough spring cleaning cum nest-building (aka baby nursery room arrangement) during her third trimester.  Dear2 didn’t have to wait until third trimester; come 13w1d when Dear2 took medical leave to see the GP for her cold, and that was a total house cleaning day for Dear1 and Dear2.  Mop the floor, clean all the cupboards, clean all the dusty corners, attempt to clean the toilets – that was what sick Dear2 did on a medical leave/ rest day on Mon.  The house feels and smells cleaner now, so go away all the bugs and viruses, yippee!!

Oh, earlier last week, Dear1 and Dear2 went on a TMC tour and signed up for the TMC First Baby Incentive (FBI).  Quite a bad decision to do both things together, cos the huge goodie bag that came with the FBI application was a chore to lug around the half hour guided introduction of TMC.  A tin of milk powder for mummy + 3 books on pregnancy and birth + lots of other brochures + some other baby-related items from sponsors coupled with the little goodie bag given by the TMC tour was quite a handful to lug around.  Luckily Dear1 is muscular enough, heehee…  We saw the Birthing Room, Delivery Room, and the high ends (ie, expensive) wards, and were pretty impressed with the infrastructure.  I’ll akin a 3D2N stay in TMC to a 3D2N stay in a hotel.  Okay, maybe at least it seems so for the luxurious 1-bed wards that we’ve seen.  $$$ alert!!

Gynae says that 13w1d is considered to be second trimester already, but there’s also other sources that says 14w1d is then considered to be second trimester. End of first trimester (= second trimester) means a big deal to new parents, cos baby is now considered more stable and Dear1 and Dear2 can finally heave a sigh of relief (at least for now).  So while week 13 was still a bit grey whether first or second trimester, we patiently waited through this week….

– Dear2


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