It’s Week 14!!!

It’s end of week 14.  What a eventful week this week!

Firstly, Dear2 miraculously became energetic beginning this week.  It has been a while since Dear2 is so productive at work.  The past few weeks of no energy and xian-ness and queasy stomach made Dear2 think that it’s gonna be like this for the rest of the next 6 months.  Luckily, like what the books and gynae promised, mtbs really do feel more energetic during this week.  Haha, Dear2 did not experienced the ‘you know that you are in second trimester one fine day when you wake up’, most probably due to the sneeziness that Dear2 was still feeling, but definitely that ability to multi-task and multi-think is back again.  Yeah!!

Dear1 and Dear2 visited the gynae again this week, largely to hear directly from the professional’s mouth on the results of the Oscar Test.  Baby has a risk of Down Syndrome that is the level of a 32 year old mum, slightly higher becos Dear2 is only 28 years old.  Nonetheless, gynae assured us that this risk is still within normal levels, and continually assured us that it is normal and we do not need to go for the amniotic fluid test which has a 1 in 200 chance of miscarriage.  There will be another detailed scan at week 20, so let’s not worry ourselves for the time being (hmm… come to think of it, isn’t there this famous saying to the effect that all parents worry constantly about their kids.  OMG, Dear1 and Dear2 are already entering this phase of parenthood.  Haha).

During the gynae visit, gynae attempted to check if baby is a boy or girl.  Guess what, co-operative baby revealed that it is a princess!! Dear2 was somewhat disappointed at first, cos she has all along preferred boys to girls for the fact that boys are easier to take care, less worry for them and that they cost less to maintain (no need to buy many pretty clothes or shoes or bags or accessories; boys are definitely more cost efficient, haha), and that Dear2 knows that the grandparents will surely be disappointed that the eldest grandchild is not a boy (admit it, though we are in 2009 now, but the traditional view still holds today, sigh..).  To Dear2’s surprise, her initial disappointment vanished even before the scan is over, and Dear2 was just so glad that baby is healthy and fine.  Again, how amazing and true that all parents only wish for their baby to be healthy.   Haha.

Ah-girl is 8.0 cm this week, gaining 2.2 cm in 2 weeks while mummy gains 0.6kg during this week.  Dear1 says that baby’s favourite food is the daily multi-vitamin tablets, but this ‘favourite food’ is causing mummy much distress everyday.  This multi-vit tablet is about 2 cm in length lor, and Dear2 has to cut it into 3 every time to swallow.  Sob sob…  Luckily for Dear2, the queasiness is very much easing, and the appetite is pretty healthy now (aka, have to eat constantly, haha..).  Dear2 also found that prune juice and pears really do help with the constipation.  :)

One day suddenly this week, Dear1 and Dear2 also noticed that the bump is finally showing!!  Amazing, cos Dear2’s tummy had looked no more like a super-bloaty case of bad bloatiness, but suddenly Dear2 looked indeed that she is pregnant.  The stretch mark cream which we bought last week at TMC came timely, heehee…  For those who take public transport, please do be kind enough and give up your seat to those who need it more than you.  Thank you.  Haha…

The week passed fairly quickly, and it was very soon the weekends.  Dear2 finally did some housework which had been left undone for the past week (OMG! Luckily Dear1 has been doing the rest of the weekly essentials.  Thank you Dear1!!) – ironing of clothes and the tracking of the past 2 months’ finance.  It is indeed a very nice feeling to be back to being energetic Dear2 again, yeah.

– Dear2


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