Oh The Bump Week 15

On the first day of week 15, Dear1 and Dear2 suddenly realise that the bump is now sooooooooo obvious!  So far, Dear2 has just been feeling and looking very bloated, and was beginning to wonder how she’ll look like with a pregnant tummy, ie looking really pregnant.  As Dear1 and Dear2 were wondering how long more will the bump show, it suddenly appeared (aka, looked more pronounced)!  Amazing.

Apart from looking pregnant, Dear2 is suddenly feeling more pregnant too. The constant queasiness and lethargic feeling is starting to ease, not to say they totally subsided, but definitely life is becoming more enjoyable now, and with it comes the all so familiar….. HOT.  Yes, it’s puzzling why pregnancy will make a women feel so hot suddenly, not the sexy hot, haha, but the constant feeling that the weather is hot.  At home it’s hot, in air-conditioned office it’s hot, outside it’s hot.  Enough is enough, let’s crop the hair.  And so without much hesitation, Dear2 crops her hair to a above shoulder length that was forgotten since she was 14 years old.  Kudos.

The next tell-tale sign of pregnancy is hunger.  Dear2 will wake up in the middle of the night hungry, and wake up in the morning hungry.  4 hours after a meal, she feels hungry again, and 4 hours after dinner, it’s hunger again.  Dear2 feels hungry almost all the time, despite having normal sized meals at the stipulated meal times.  It’s no exaggeration that pregnant ladies can eat a cow, haha.

With first trimester over now, Dear2 must now start to loudly ‘hint’ to colleagues about her pregnancy.  Call it pan-dang/ superstition/ what-modern-science-will-agree-anyway, Dear2 firmly kept this ‘secret’ well under wraps throughout her first trimester, and will only confess if smart and observant friends and colleagues guessed it correctly on their own.  Now that the ‘unstable’ phase is over, it’s time to let everybody know, haha.  Being shy, it’s not Dear2 to go around telling everyone, so off you go you office shawl, the bump is so noticeable now.  Let’s see when will it take for the news to spread to all, haha.

‘Please give up your seat to those who need it more than you.’  Very often, Dear2 is heartened that aunties, young men and young women graciously offer their seats to a little tummy Dear2, but an interesting trend seems to arise, that is Dear2 is usually offered the seat only on the evening train.  On the other hand, Dear2 has to battle the 30 min journey standing on the morning trip.  This daily challenge was made worse on those times when Dear2 has to be in office early/ on time, and the sardine-packed train becomes more stuffy and unbearable. Huhuhu….

– Dear2


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