The NTUC Shopping Experience

Dear1 and Dear2 participated in the Passion Run in 2007 and with it signed up for the Passion Card at the same time.  As a discount card, the Passion Card has help us to accumulate some points (aka linkpoints) from Best Denki, Bangawan Solo, Angie’s the Choice and most commonly, NTUC.  Let’s talk about how we use this card in our daily grocery shopping.

First of all, card holders must know that the Card is only able to gain points from NTUC if there is more than $20 spending in a single day, no need a single receipt, and the Card must be presented at times when you made purchases of course.  Dear1 and Dear2 din know about this at first, until we asked the nice counter aunties who explained these hidden terms to us.  The points are awarded 1 point for every dollar spent, and sometimes participating stores like the above mentioned will give extra points, as with NTUC recently which is giving 2 times the points apparently.  Opps, before I forget, Dear1 says that the so familiar supermarket known as NTUC is not actually NTUC, but the proper name is Fairprice.  Keke, we’re so used to calling it NTUC since young, it already has a nostalgic feel to it. so it shall remain as such.  Haha.

The second step will be to make sure that we purchase at least $20 worth of grocery at every purchase.  Being conscious spenders, Dear1 and Dear2 will always do a price count of the items that we wanted to get, and if there’s a shortfall to that $20, top it up with other non-essential items like snacks and tidbits.  There’s a fair bit of work to do during this grocery marketing, first of course is to do addition on the prices, and being pretty good with maths, this was without much effort for Dear1 and Dear2 (although Dear2 usually wins in terms of speed, keke).  For the less maths-savvy, simply whip out your handphone calculator (that’s what Dear1 does sometimes, keke).

Secondly, we always buy discount only items.  Ah, there’s a discount on Ayam brand baked beans, let’s get 2 cans.  Ah, this brand of hotdog is on sale, let’s get a packet.  Yes, this NTUC brand tissue box on offer still holds more number of tissues than that one not on offer, let’s get it. Haha, Dove shampoo and conditioner is $9.50 again, gotto get it.  Oh yeah, the Top low surds washing powder is finally on sale, quickly stock up now.  The trick here is, getting an item not when you most need it, but when it’s almost running out.  That requires some advance planning and forward looking.  (But having said that, Dear2 has heard of some people who will literally stock up their house with A LOT of these household essentials IN BULK when they are on sale.  Just make sure that once stowed away in the storeroom, they will still be remembered and not be left to expire.)  For that calculated spending, Dear1 and Dear2 are able to achieve at least 10% worth of discounts on each of our NTUC trips, discounts not including the normal price vegetables and fruits and other must-get-but-got-no-discount items.

With a little effort every time, the linkpoints accumulated is able to redeem 1 time free grocery shopping every year, ie, about $20 worth of rebates.  Just make sure that the points are exchanged before 30 Jun as that’s when they will expire.

– Dear2


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