Doing what You Like

Dear1 and Dear2 finally found a scrape book ideal to make a scrapbook for baby.  And so Dear2 started to take out her box of 8 coloured pens and started to decorate Baby’s Scrapbook on a Saturday morning.  Voila!

Dear1 has been pestering Dear2, what does Dear2 like to do in her free time.  Hmm… Usually on Sats and Suns at home, Dear2 like to tidy up the house, do some cleaning, putting things in the proper place, basically some household chores cos normal days are just too tired to do all these housekeeping.  So with the time spent on doing these work (a little bit here and there simply adds up to a lot of time spent, amazing), Dear2 hardly has spare time to do the other things what Dear1 will do in the meantime while Dear2 is at work, that is play games and surf net.

So with playing games and surfing net as Dear1’s hobbies, Dear1 complains that Dear2 do not have any favourite pastime.  We pondered on this for a long while, until this morning while Dear2 was doing the usual tidying, plus making baby scrapbook, it suddenly occurred to Dear2 that these are indeed what Dear2 likes to do in her free time.  Dear2 gets satisfaction from making the house clean and tidy, hence likes to do these house chores during her free time, which is the weekends.  And as for handicraft, Dear2 has always like to make things since young, be it little boxes or cards for Dear, but just that found it no-time to do so since moving into our own house.

Does a hobby needs to be something big, like making gundam models, volunteer work, a sport, learning a language, baking etc?  Even if it’s mundane household chores, or typical day to day activities like surfing the net, these are what Dear1 and Dear2 derive satisfaction and fulfillment out from doing.

For most of us, we always complain that weekends are always too short, and we look forward to Saturday already on a Monday blue day.  We want to do the things that we like on weekends, but in the meanwhile dread the weekdays day by day until Friday.  For this, it definitely means that we are not enjoying what we do 5 out of 7 days.  If that makes you feel tortured, then simply go do what you like.  (Or like what you do.)

– Dear2


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