Week 16 and 17

Dear2 likes to encourage people to write, not only because writing helps to log down events and memories, but it is also a reflection of your daily life, your self, and as a form for you to improve yourself and to keep going.  So if Dear2 drags writing Week 16 day after day, until it reaches Week 17, and now it’s almost end of Week 18, it means that Dear2 is unhappy.  But let’s leave that to some other day.

Week 16.  Hmm… What happened during that week?  Basically it was a pretty uneventful week. Dear2 ordered some maternity clothes online and they finally arrived in a parcel.  It was the second time that Dear2 ordered from this shop called My Little Angels Maternity, because apart from that few dresses that she has, the ‘baggy t-shirts and kaki pants weekends’ were getting not baggy enough for the expanding tummy, and Dear2 was seriously in need of more maternity clothes.  The online store is also having an anniversary sale until 7 Oct so there’s free postage and a free gift with purchases of more than $88.

Week 16 was also when Dear2 started to feel a change in the abdomen discomfort.  Previously, it was queasiness, a feeling where you feel that things are rumbling around in the stomach.  If you think that was terrible, the heartburn that starts now is even more unbearable.  Gastric juice and vomit now rises to the throat, and only the constant burping can relieve it, but only temporarily.

After Week 16 and comes Week 17.  Early in the week, we had a scheduled gynae appointment, but instead of taking the usual full day MC, Dear2 had to go back to office after the appointment cos she has to attend a meeting.  Duh.  Dear1 and Dear2 had to wait a while before seeing the gynae too as she was out on a delivery that morning, and after the appointment, Dear1 and Dear2 went to Parentcraft to confirm the pre-natal lessons in Nov.  The delay and everything caused Dear2 to reach office pretty late, but then again, having to cut short a rest day into half totally spoils the entire week’s mood for Dear2 too.  Duh.

Anyway, Dear1 and Dear2 managed to see some baby fingers during the scan.  Oh my, baby has fingers, haha!  She is close to 12 cm in length now, and weights about 200g, but Dear2 has put on 3kg in the last 3 weeks.  Oh dear, that sounds excessive, but gynae says it is still within acceptable weight gain.  Mtbs can gain between 15 to 20kg during the pregnancy, so this increase is still reasonable.  Dear2 still find it hard to imagine herself becoming 70kg….

Gynae also 99% confirmed that baby is a girl.  Oh, I do hope that she will be pretty like mummy next time, heehee…  I also think that Dear1 will dote on a baby girl more so than a boy, heehee…

Gynae prescribed some cod fish oil which cost $1 per capsule, and some Gaviscon for the heartburn which cost $14 per bottle.  Plus the multi-vitamins, the medicine alone came up to be $88.  No wonder having a baby is not cheap…..  So better not waste the medicine!!

End of week 17, friend X gave birth to a baby girl, 1 day earlier than her expected due date.  Together with 4 other friends, Dear1 and Dear2 visited the couple at TMC on Sun which was Hari Raya Puasa as well.  It was the first time that Dear1 and Dear2 visited the hospital on a non-working day, so there were no mtbs on gynae appointments, but just lots of new born babies and their parents discharged and ready to go home.  How interesting!  All these new daddies, tenderly and cautiously load mummy and baby onto the car, and happily go home to begin their new lives.  Dear2 also saw a Malay family going home, so means that this baby is able to go home and celebrate the new year with his relatives!  Dear2 wonders if she will deliver sooner than expected, as her EDD is just 1 week after next year’s Chinese New Year.  Better not. I want to eat all the bak kuas and drink all the orange juice before baby is out because there are MANY restrictions on food during confinement.  Haha.

Mummy really needs to take things easy, and not let work bother her so much.  Mummy also wants baby to grow happily during this period.

– Dear2


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