Just a Wage Earner

I need a bigger goal in life, that is, I need to, not based my self worth from job satisfaction alone.

If habits are hard to quit, one’s personality is even harder to change.  Since graduation 5 years back, Dear2 has always been a systematic worker, and derives much joy from being able to do her work properly.  So when she found that things were not moving at all in the government office that she was working at in her first job, she quit the job just 7 months after being employed, barely fresh after her confirmation.

Since then for her subsequent jobs, Dear2 has been able to associate her job with what she believes in, and derives much fulfillment in what she do.  Until now.  When that feeling 5 years ago is back again. 

Dear2 really feels like throwing in the towel.  She no longer believes in what she is doing, and hardly can align herself with the actions of the management.  This company is simply a time bomb, ticking away only waiting for that moment for the authorities to uncover that ONE BIG THING among so many other mis-practices.  The company no longer do what it preaches, and only those still satisfied with the handsome rewards, and not what it preaches to want to do for the clients, can unemotionally stay on.

Dear2 can see all these problems, and hates all these, but she is bounded.  That’s why she is miserable, miserable becos u dun believe in what u do, and in what the company is doing.  And with a character that prides so much on job satisfaction, this is costing Dear2 a lot of heartaches.

So Dear2 needs a bigger goal in life; she needs detach herself from work, and to find joy in other aspects of life.  It’s not something that she can achieve easily, for she is who she is, but for now, this is the only solution.

Let the work be just a means of earning that $100 per day; let work be just another assignment where u just do it and let it be. If it passes, it passes; if it doesn’t, that doesn’t concern you too for you have already done your part.  Afterall, the company is not yours and you are just a wage earner.

– Dear2


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