Week 19 going on to 20

It’s end of week 19, and next week, baby is going for her week 20 detailed scan.

Dear2 tries not to worry too much about the detailed scan next week. Even though baby has not kicked yet, and so far there was only one occurrence of the weird ‘bubbling’ feeling, Dear2 tells herself that baby is just growing fine and there’s nothing to worry about.  There are some mtbs who bought the baby heartbeat listening device just to hear their baby’s heartbeat so that they can be more assured, but unless doctor says that we have to, Dear2 will not spend such un-necessary monies on such items.  So endure a few more days and we can take baby photo and do the detailed scan.  Jiayou yo!!

This past week has been rather productive.  With the ‘Just a wage earner‘ mindset in mind now, Dear2 feels lighter and just does her work.  Let it be if the assignment is rejected and has to be redone – I am just going to do what I can.  Let it be if the company is not doing things the right way – I am just a wage earner doing what I am told to do.  Baby probably has an influence in Dear2’s change in attitude recently, becos without baby, Dear2 will be giving her best at work and expecting things to improve.  But with a 4 months maternity leave 5 months later, I can’t care less if the company still continues in its rotten ways.

On Friday, Dear2 encountered a clothes crisis too.  All the maternity dresses were not washed yet, the newly bought maternity jeans is way too loose to be worn now, all the other normal clothes were in no way to be able to fit, and Dear2 has seriously ran out of clothes to wear. :(  The last resort was to wear the newly bought tube dress which was not washed yet (yucks), but it was a serious no choice.  Thus on that same fateful day, Dear2 bought another tube dress just to expand her ‘can wear clothes’ range……

Many say pregnancy is a science project, and ever since Dear2 knew of her pregnancy, she has never dis-believe this for 1 second.  Every day there are new changes to her body, from the initial queasiness (aka morning sickness) to the heartburn at the beginning of the second trimester, to the ever increasing in size tummy, breasts, and now its all over (as in arms, chest, collarbone, calf, butt, just everywhere).  This week, Dear2 was horrified to notice that her usually toes are getting shorter too!!  The slender feet has more meat now, making her tiny toes look smaller.  Huhuhu… :(

Dear2 can tolerate all the ugliness in her body, fat everywhere, lines across the tummy, stretch makes (hopefully not too many also lah), pimples, but, PLEASE DON’T LET THE BELLY BUTTON POP OUT. It’s so ugly when the popped out belly button is so visible through the clothes, and Dear2 is feverishly praying that hers won’t pop out.  There are now wrinkles just above the belly button, and some times it feels hard but sometimes it feels soft, and…………… the belly button seems to be getting smaller on some days too, but despite all these symptoms, the dreaded has not yet happen.  So……… let’s just hope…… (Not all mtbs will have their belly button pop out, some people say this depends on the shape of your own belly button when you were born.  I do hope that the gynae who delivered me did a a good job by tying my umbilical cord nicely that time when I was born.)

3 more days and it will be the detailed scan…. (Don’t think about it…..)

– Dear2

PS:  Dear2 manage to do a ‘5 day work week’ as requested by Dear1.  Yeah!!


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