It’s Finally Week 20!

It’s finally week 20!!

Week 20 is an important week for baby, cos that’s when the Detailed Scan is being done.  Most gynaes will advise that new parents don’t buy anything for baby until after week 20, cos though the Oscar Scan which was done during week 12 helps to assess the risk of Down Syndrome, the week 20 Detailed Scan further re-assesses this risk, as well as test for other fetal anomalies.  So it is with much anticipation and nervousness that Dear1 and Dear2 awaits for this week 20.

The scan results turn out to be very well.  Baby’s major organs and parts are developing well, and her spine and limbs are okay as well.  Earlier during the Oscar Test, baby has a higher risk of DS even though her neck thickness and nose bridge height are within normal range, but somehow mummy’s blood test came out to be less than ideal, hence increasing the risk level to a level that is still within normal range but considered high for mummy’s age group.  So when the Detailed Scan reveals that baby’s spine and leg length are okay, mummy really heaved a huge sigh of relief.  Yeah!  We can start shopping for baby’s stuff liao!

Oh, next come the next headache.  What to buy first?  As Dear1 and Dear2 were really obedient and listened to gynae’s advice, we did not get anything for baby so far (Fren JJ who is 8 weeks behind Dear2 has already gotten all the baby essentials.  The only things that she hasn’t bought are a car seat and a stroller.  -_-‘” ).  While Dear1 does not seem to be too anxious, Dear2 is raring to go shopping for baby soon!  (Relax relax, dun be so gan jiong..)

Hot, faint, hip pain, fat, leg cramp, sole pain, no clothes to wear….. Dear2 still gets these almost everyday, and even some perpetually!

Hot – The only way is, dun use too much energy, stay in air con places, and wear sleeveless clothes lor…..

Faint (in the morning) – Gynae says that it is because baby is taking a lot of iron from mummy, such that mummy’s iron level gets depleted.  The prescribed multi-vitamins should contain sufficient iron, so gynae was cautious of issuing more iron tables (cos Dear2 is beta-thalassemic and cannot store iron well).  Let’s just try to get more iron through natural means like dark green leaves, eggs and red meat and see if the situation improves.

Hip Pain – Dear2 thinks that this is due to gas accumulation.  The pain in the right hip + weight of tummy is so unbearable that on those painful nights, Dear2 really feel like sleeping in a sitting position.  Luckily the massage by Dear1 really does help to relief the pain so that Dear2 can have a good night’s sleep.

Fat – Yes.  Dear2 is obviously putting on a lot of weight now.  1.5kg in 3 weeks, oh my!  Before having baby, Dear2 was about 51kg.  Now 20 weeks in the pregnancy and she is already 57.4kg.  I think it’s not difficult for Dear2 to hit 65kg by the time she is due.  (I’m ok with putting on weight, but can it not be visible…?)

Leg Cramp  – Dear2 gets this almost every night.  It will be right leg cramp for 2 or 3 nights, and den the left leg cramps as well for the next 2 to 3 nights, making Dear2 jump out of bed every time it occurs.  Stretching or adjusting the leg angle is the only way to alleviate the excruciating pain.  Dear2 can still ‘jump’ out of bed now to stretch that problematic calf, but as the tummy gets heavier, or if both legs start to cramp together at the same time, Dear2 will have to scream to Dear1 for help in future….

Sole Pain – I can’t understand why there’s this perpetual pain in the sole nowadays.  It’s that kind of pain that you get if you shop for the entire day on heals, and the sole pain still persists after a night’s sleep.  The mtb sole pain is just like that, except that 1) We don’t shop for entire days nowadays, and 2) We don’t wear heals anymore.  So why this persistent pain?  Dear2 read that it’s because of the relaxation of dunno-what in the soles alongside the relaxation of the vaginal canal (or something like that) that causes the dunno-what in the sole to relax as well, causing the feet to carry more load etc etc etc.

No Clothes to Wear –  There was a clothes crisis again this week, because Dear1 did not do the laundry.  Dear1 forgot that Dear2 only has that 5 dresses to wear to work, and if these are not washed and dried on time, that’s it – Dear2 totally has no other clothes to wear.  The day was only saved because Dear2 had bought another new dress earlier in the week, and it was already hung out in the drying….

So much for week 20.  I want to go shopping for baby’s stuff soon!

– Dear2

PS: Baby now weighs 335g!


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