With Love and Care

So excited, and so nervous.  In 5 months’ time, Dear1 and Dear2 are going to be new parents.  Are we ready to nurture and discipline another being, when we ourselves sometimes don’t follow our hearts as well?  Are we qualified to teach our child important values, when we ourselves sometimes may know what is right, but don’t do it anyway?  I asked myself these questions recently.

True.  So far, Dear1 and Dear2 have been doing what we like.  We moved into our own place at 25 years old just because we want to stay with each other all day long.  We go on holidays every year because we enjoy exploring new places with each other.  But with baby along, Dear1 and Dear2 will not be able to simply do as we wish anymore.  We cannot just go on a 2 week holiday during Dear2’s maternity leave and leave baby in the care of the grand parents.  Because we are responsible parents.

As baby gets older, Dear2 wonders what kind of kid will she become.  Will she be well mannered and sophisticated and goes to prestigious schools, or will she become an ah-lian who goes to lousy neighbourhood schools?  Dear1 is also wondering aloud if our 10 year old kid will go through that puberty phase and refuse to go out with us anymore during family outings.  Oh come on, that’s more than 10 years from now, and it’s still a long way to go.

Yes, from the time our baby is born till the time she grows up and starts to have a mind of her own, there’s still many many more years to go.  I just want to enjoy our baby while she’s still young, and give her the best love and care that a parent can give to her child.  Too little care and the child detaches, but too much concern makes us naggy parents.  Too little love and she may go wayward, but overwhelming love becomes over-protection.  Ask any parent, or just anybody who ever was a kid before, and you’ll find that a balance is always never easy to find.  So the best thing that we can do, is to give our baby the best love and care that we can ever give, cos when you truly love someone, you just want the best for her.

– Dear2


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