Confessions of a Spree-aholic

OMG, I have turned into a spree-aholic in a matter of days!

It all started when Dear1 found a website where mtbs organise all sorts of sprees.  And seeing how value-for-money shopping from such sprees can be, from the savings in (1) Shipping due to bulk purchases, and (2) These mtbs really can sniff out very good deals without you having to search for them yourself, haha.  Dear2 spared no further delay in joining in the crowd.  In a matter of seconds, Dear2 was fast on her way to opening a forum account all for the SPREE (haiz, Dear1 has been pestering the forum-idiot Dear2 to open an account, but Dear2 always feels that she will not participate in the all-nonsense forum for all-day-long crappy talk.  Tell me about sprees and Dear2 can flip from NO to YES immediately… sigh.. wahahaha).

Yes, I want to buy this sweet pink 3-piece body suit pack from Old Navy.  It’s just USD 10 for 3 pieces leh, a very cheap deal for sure!

Yes, this breast pump is surely worth it, normal retail price is over 1,000 and it’s going for less than half the price in the spree.  Buy buy buy!!

Yes!! Birkenstock is having clearance sale now.  I’ve always wanted a pair of Birkenstock shoes, but at $80 a pair, it’s always such a heartache.  Now I can finally fulfill my dream at $42.  Buy!

Oh my, this sweet pink dress is sooooooooooooo sweet.  Even though I tell myself that I really have to quit this addiction, but…………… It’s soooooooo sweet! And it’s only slightly more than SGD 6!  I want to buy!!

Within just 3 days, Dear2 was closely fixed to the computer screen, at home and in the office, all day long.  The discounts were simply too irresistible – branded stuff at half the price (maybe), how to resist!?  So day after day, Dear2 will check the bookmarked threads to see if her orders were confirmed, or if there’s new updates on the shipping status.

It has been exactly 1 week from the time since Dear2 started on spree-shopping, and also 1 week since Dear2 got addicted to this addiction.  Fortunately for Dear2 (and Dear1 as well, haha), Dear2 finally stopped her addiction yesterday, when she saw that shipping costs may cost about the same, if not more than the actual price of the item.  The SGD 14 capris pants may seem like a real bargain compared to the same pair from Marton Bell which cost $59 before the 20% closing down sale at the Vivocity branch, but there’s a likelihood that the shipping may cost an equivalent amount for its bulkiness and heaviness, and also that the shared box where all the other spreeists’ items were piled together was not optimised, then the total cost of SGD 30 may not seem such an attractive buy after all…

With that in mind, Dear2 is determine (almost) to stop spreeing until the ordered items are actually in my hands.  But the lure of the spree forum is still so strong – I still constantly refresh the thread to see if there’s any new spree or discount coming along.  It’s a every-minute-counts affair, cos usually when a new spree starts, it also closes almost immediately.  The organiser may close the spree early if the required amount has been hit, or that she may only do 1 or 2 batch and if you happen to see the spree an afternoon too late, it just means that the boat is gone.  And even if you do spot a good-deal spree, it’s every-minute-is-precious – gotto go to the website to browse through the discounted items, think about whether if the item really necessary, think about if that cost (not even factoring in shipping cost) is worth the buy, ask Dear1 if can buy or not, place orders with the organiser, transfer money to the organiser, seek confirmation on orders placed and money transferred, and then it’s finally checking the thread for latest updates to see if your order is placed successfully – all these have to be completed before the spree closes, or praying that the item is not out of stock…. The whole process is tenacious, even more exciting than stock-buying, cos when you buy stocks, you at least get to rest once markets close for lunch or for the day, but when it comes to spree-buying, every minute counts even until the wee hours at night, 24/7 all days.

Control.. Immune… Dear2 must really control herself and no more spreeing for now until the good(s) arrive….  But her hands are already itching to go check out new sprees now… Sob…

– Dear2


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