Setting (Good) Examples

Dear2 often chide Dear1 for not saying what he wants.  Come to think of it, it might be a habit that Dear1 inherit from his 25 years of living in his family.  Dear1’s parents are those who always dun say what they want (not that its uncommon in families, I know).   ‘Mother ask you to come home this weekend for dinner’, says father-in-law.  This kind of thing frequently happen in Dear1’s house, when most of the time it is FIL himself who intends this.  And apparently, Dear1 has inherited this trait himself as well…

And so, Dear2 has to remind Dear1 that, please verbalise what you want, really.  ‘Anything’ is not ‘Yes, I want’, and black means black, and not an intense shade of grey.

Dear2 suddenly felt that this is an important point to remind Dear1 again, cos when baby is out, we want to be good parents and pass on good habits to our children.  Dun people always say that kids pick up habits from their parents,  and even if we dun have a talented musical skill to infuse to our kids, nor super fantastic linguistic skills to share with them, but at least be able to spread such ‘normal’ habits such as practicing good hygiene, good eating habits, regular exercise habits, no foul language, no digging of nose in public (haha), amicable relationship with people etc.  Some of these things are not things that can be taught, rather, they are a way of life that can be spread to your kids through setting self examples.

Being good examples should be a way of life.  It’s not about trying to be somebody that you are not, nor does it have to be going super out of the way just to show others that you care.  It can be a simple demonstration of your inherent graciousness, your ambivalence towards human and towards others, and being who you really are by showing the good side of you.  In Dear2’s daily MRT trips, I sometimes get seat offers from commuters, not just fellow women who understand the hardships of pregnancy, but from young people as well as men.  These little acts of gestures often makes me very touched, cos it just shows that in this harsh Singapore society, there is still humanity left, be it how little.  I’m sure that through their own graciousness, these offerers have, and will pass on good examples to their kids when they do have kids of their own.

– Dear2


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