Go Away You Season Flu – Week 22

This week has been a tiring week, because Dear2’s body is busy fighting the season flu bug.  You know when the bug is in the air, when everyday you see a few Medical Leave Applications – Fever/ Cold from around the office.

So this week has been a tired, tired week, and Dear2 was really just hanging on for the weekends to come. Its worse when every bedtime was an effort to get in bed and be able to fall asleep. Dear2 has started to notice a pattern – mornings are faint, afternoons are ok, and nights are very full.  Despite me eating enough breakfast before setting off from the house, the morning journey to work is still a struggle.  Only upon reaching office and having a super early lunch at 11am, den does the day really starts.  An afternoon snack around 4pm, plus a normal portion of dabao-ed dinner, and plus a fruit or 2 at around 10pm, and Dear2 is off to bedtime.  But by this time, the tummy is so heavy such that every movement to get onto bed and every turn to get into the right position makes a groan.  Hmm, our only conclusion is that the tummy is now very stretched with the dinner contents.  Sigh… Usually the discomfort eases into the night, and by the time of waking up the next day, the tummy feels soft again…

Because of this nightly ordeal, Dear2 is afraid of eating too much now.  No more ‘can eat a cow’, even though the appetite is still good in the day, and after-dinners still do get that ‘eat not full, feel like nibbling on something’ feeling, but ‘if you eat now, you’ll suffer later in bed’ torture is too much for Dear2 to dare to eat more than the necessary.  Dear1 and Dear2 loaded our cupboard with quite a bit of snacks and biscuits and sweets at the beginning of second trimester when Dear2’s appetite was tremendous, but 2 months on and the biscuits are only about halfway done. The super cheap offer of kiwis at NTUC – 8 for $5+ seemed like a very good deal since Dear2 can eat 2 kiwis every day, but barely 2 days later,  it became a ‘wait tomorrow than I eat’ kind of phenomenon…  The moral of the story – only buy what/ how much you can eat.

Pregnant mummies should really watch their diet.  Dear1 and Dear2 heard about the ‘no lamb cos the baby may have yang2 dian1 feng1’, or no crabs cos the baby may turn out to be super touchy, aka ‘many hands’ from old folks.  Though these seem to be founded on traditional nonsense, but no harm just avoiding these foods since Dear2 don’t normally eat these as well.  But for foods that have a scientific disbenefit to the baby, these ought to be paid attention to.  Dear2 had an almost narrow escape with Luo Han Guo.  A common cooling herbal tea, Dear2 wanted to get a bottle to cool her body down, as well as to expel the phlegm in her lungs, benefits known for the Luo Han Guo.  Luckily the auntie at the herbal tea stall (Westmall, Basement 1) was observant enough to notice Dear2’s bump, and kindly advised that pregnant women should avoid this as the tea contain xia4 gu1 chao3.  Not too sure what harm is there in this herb, but Dear2 is just very grateful to this auntie.  Kudos. (This stall will remain as Dear2’s favourite herbal tea stall.  Dear2 found that only herbal teas from this stall are effective, probably because the teas are brewed and sold freshly.)

Dear2’s 1/3 brain is really having very limited processing capability. New information, especially those on lengthy paragraphs are a total turn off, and you’d better not ask me to remember any new knowledge, simply because my brain cannot process these  now, haha.  But for old knowledge and information, Dear2 can surprisingly still execute them very well.  Give me an old problem sum anytime and I should be able to systematically work out the solution, but this may take a slightly longer time than before, haha.

With this constraint in mind, Dear2 was suddenly frightened by the prospect of baby coming out prematurely.  A friend narrated that her recent birth was 7 weeks premature though the pregnancy for the past 32 weeks seemed to be very normal.  Even until today, doctors are not able to detect this abnormality through blood tests and such.  So much for wanting to enjoy the bak kwas and love letters during Chinese New Year, exactly 1 week before baby’s EDD!  And we won’t have time to slowly get ready all the baby stuff if baby really is premature!  Hmm… Baby’s EDD is 21 Feb 2010, Christmas is slightly more than 2 months before that, so the new action plan will have to be, to get ready all the hand-me-downs before Christmas, and buy all the shortfalls during the Christmas sale.  And from now until then, if there are cheap buys at super good deals (haha, ie SPREES!! Yeah.), better get them now also in case we won’t have the time. :P

– Dear2


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