Holiday, Oh Holiday! Week 23

Dear1 and Dear2 were planning to go on a short holiday this week – a holiday that after this trip, might be a long long while more before we can go on the next holiday with baby in tow next time.  And as the trip was really planned very hastily, this week was quite a mad rush for both Dear1 and Dear2 before we embark on the holiday.

Dear1 was frantically trying to finish up his work before we depart for Penang on Friday, and Dear2 was also trying to sort out all her work this week, which so happen that there will be a company marketing event on the next day when we return to Singapore.  So the whole week was really rush rush rush rush for both Dear1 and Dear2.

It was probably due to the stress of having to complete so many things in a week, that Dear2 was not very emotionally strong this week.  When Dear1 gave her the task of doing up the trip’s itinerary, Dear2 suddenly totally went ‘blank’.  Dunno where to start, and dunno how to start, and all these have to be done in 2 days’ time – Dear2 just completely went blank.  Luckily Dear2 was able to quickly voice out her weakness to Dear1, so from a ‘big assignment’, Dear1 broke it down into smaller tasks for Dear2 which she completed 1 by 1.  :)

The morning heat continues to be the biggest bane for Dear2 every morning, making the journey to work a daily struggle… Maybe we should consider getting out of the house much much earlier, before the morning heat starts.  And that might mean stepping out of the house before 7.30 am…. Groan..

– Dear2


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