I Know I Should

I know I should keep my spirits up, for if mummy is sad, baby will feel it too.

But when you dun feel a passion in anything that you do, den what else can I look forward to?


I know that I should keep myself happy;  I really hate this gloomy feeling every weekday!

But if work is crappy and bosses are sucky, den what can I motivate myself to make me  stay?


I know I should motivate myself, cos no one else can solve my own problems except myself.

But long term low morale and discomfort all day long is creating a drain on my emotional health…


I know I should be grateful that I have Dear1 with me, such a nice and loving husband, what else can I ask for more.

Thank you Dear1 for being such a wonderful husband, you really are the most wonderful thing that happen to me and I so adore.


I know I should appreciate all the wonderful things in this world, that being just being is already a blessing indeed.

I know I will be happy with all the lovely things and people around, and that together with Dear1, we will create much more lovely deeds.


– Dear2


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