Aussino Baby & Bath Fair!!


Our loot from Aussino.

Aussino is having a Baby & Bath Fair now, with up to 50% off selected items!!

Dear1 and Dear2 are starting to buy baby essential stuff now, so Dear2 make it a point to get a copy of Thur and Fri’s Today during her lunch break, to spot any departmental store or warehouse weekend sale for that week.  But alas, the Fri’s Today was not there, either there was late delivery or that it was already all given out, so no choice, Dear2 had to make do with a MyPaper instead.  Flip flip flip, articles are not as nice, and there seems to be very few advertisements except for mostly furniture sales….  Hmm…. Oh, Aussino is having a Baby & Bath Fair with up to 50% discount, until 29 Nov.  Gotto let Dear1 know fast, haha!!

On the same evening, we headed into the Aussino branch at Westmall, and bought the following items, all at 50% off:

  • Baby Comforter set (comes with fitted sheet, pillow case with fill, bolster case with fill, bumper, comforter), UP $79.90.  Free: Matching Bib, UP $5.90
  • Cuddle Bath with Face Washer Set, UP $14.90
  • 6 piece Baby Face Washer Set, UP $11.90
  • 2 Deluxe Bath Towels, each UP $19.90

Total Damage: $73.25

Expensive!  But considering the number of items (2 bagfuls!), and that everything were at half price, it was a steal for mummy and daddy and baby, haha!

So, pop by your nearest Aussino branch now, and grab your baby and bath essentials while stocks last, haha!

– Dear2


4 thoughts on “Aussino Baby & Bath Fair!!

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  3. *** Updates ***

    We went to Aussino again. Considering a basic bumper is selling at around $70 at Baby Kingdom, and Kiddy Palace is also selling bumper only at around this price, this means that Aussino 50% off is a super deal.

    20 Nov 09: We bought a jersey blanket for $9.95.

    23 Nov 09: We bought another comforter set, bib, and another jersey blanket for $49.90.


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