Waking up Early on a Sunday Morning

Dear1 and Dear2 were up early again this Sunday morning.  Dear1 and Dear2 were up early on the previous Saturday morning as well, but as the NEA’s weather forecast spelt that it was gonna be a rainy morning in Bukit Batok, we decided to go wake up and just go for breakfast at the market.  On this Sunday morning, though the weather forecast still predicted a rainy morning, we again went out for breakfast after taking a 1 round walk in the park before heading to the market since the sky didn’t looked that bad after all.

Eat, went market to buy $4 worth of vege, went NTUC to get our milk supply, and we were back home before 9.30am.  It was still early in the morning….  Thinking back just a couple of weeks ago, Dear2 was feeling such so lazy and lethargic.  5 days work days are already depriving me of my beauty sleep, so all the more I need to sleep in during weekends.  And, as the pregnant mummy gets especially hungry after a night of sleep, it was Dear1 who had to so poor-thingly go dabao breakfast for Dear2.  After breakfast, Dear2 will doze off to sleep again, and it’ll be until noon time when she wakes up for lunch, again, Dear1 who had to go dabao for her….

Was it because of the expansion of more energy needed to fuel baby’s growth, or was that just a reflection of Dear2’s xian-ness towards work, I don’t know.  But that was really a disgusting kind of feeling to feel so lobo and worthless…

On this Sunday, Dear2 woke up to a new morning with a fresh start again, just like the earlier weekend.  7.30s are usually the time on weekdays when Dear2 bargains another 5 more minute of sleep from Dear1, but on this Sunday morning, we were already having a nice stroll in the park at 7.30am.

It’s all about what we want.   I want to cook a nutritious pot of vegetable soup for daddy and mummy and baby today so I was able to drag myself out of the cosy morning bed.  Conversely, there’s nothing that I want on weekdays when it’s all dread and gloom in the office, so it’s ‘another 3 more minutes, another 5 more minutes..’

Is there anybody who is truly happy doing what they do for a living?  Probably just a handful, I guess, and lucky are these people.  As for the rest of us, people who dread work for whatever reasons there may be, it’s time to get ourselves wanting something out of it.  Want to be a jawe – I am just a wage earner, or want to make the best out of this wretched situation.  Maybe if I can identify clearly what I want, waking up early on weekdays mornings will be just like waking up fresh on a Sunday morning….

– Dear2


2 thoughts on “Waking up Early on a Sunday Morning

  1. I think its partly baby and partly work xian-ness lah. I also started sleeping more after I started my current job.

    Lots of people say that a job is just a job and we just do it for money but I still feel that there can be meaning in what we do if we’re in the right job. Ya lor. Jiayou, D2 :D

    • I guess while we are still ‘looking for’ that meaning, it really helps to ‘talk’ to yourself. I find that writing really helps me to ‘find’ myself better. As you write, you go through the circumstances leading to the problem, and as you continue thru the article, you start to see the issue from a different light, or can suddenly ’see’ the solution now. Of course, this kind of writing means that you need to write constructively, and not merely use it as an outlet to vent your frustrations, ie, grumbles all the time.

      Jiayou to everybody!!


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