One and a Half more Months to end of 2009

It’s mid November already, when stores are starting to put up their Christmas decorations and shoppers are coming out onto the streets of Orchard Road to view the Christmas lightings or just to get into the festive mood (we can all do with some nice mood now, don’t we, after the past year’s of economic downturn and grimy employment conditions).

But hey, this also means that you have only 1.5 more months till the end of the year to accomplish those goals that you have set out to achieve earlier this year!  Remember those things called New Year Resolutions!?

Dear1 and Dear2 reviewed our 2009 New Year Resolutions during the Penang trip, aka, our ‘retreat’, and discovered that there are still some things not done yet.  Of course, the whole point about making new year resolutions does not mean that you have to ‘die die’ stick to them, because circumstance do change along the course of the year.  Rather, these goals, if still applicable till now, are not yet done, or worse still, had long been  forgotten already, remind yourself that you have something that you want to achieve, so, BETTER GET YOUR BUTT MOVING AND WORK ON IT NOW.

Working hard for something does not only begin on 1 January and ends when the clock strike 12 on 31 December, so even until the last day or 2009, don’t give up on your dreams and goals, but continue to work hard and reach for them.  As this Chinese saying goes, 人因梦想而伟大, so 加油, 加油, 加油!!

– Dear2


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