Pampering Each Other

Just last weekend, we went shopping at IMM. We strolled past the Levi Strauss shop and they were having this $39.90 each for a min purchase of 2 jeans promotion plus an additional 5% discount for Citibank credit cards. Sounds like a good deal! But Dear1 current has about 5 pairs of jeans, 2 of which were recently bought (iirc, it was Nov 08). Yes, 1 year old jeans is considered new to me. So despite a number of my jeans shrinking in size due to a recent change in washing powder brands (read: Dear1 is getting fatter), I didn’t even consider the promotion for a moment. After all, why buy new jeans when I still have 5 (barely) wearable pairs? Save money.

That’s the way with Dear1. Dear1 is an engineer by training and by personality. Dear1 doesn’t see the need to spend money on clothes or keeping up with fashion. Dear1 gets his tops and polo-ts from event gifts. Dear1 gets a new pair of running shoes only when the current pair begins to let water seep in from the soles. Dear1 is just extremely stingy when it comes to spending on clothings.

(On a side note, Dear1 likes to spend on new handphone, new camera, new LEGO, new board games… U get the idea.)

So frequently, Dear2 needs to step in and renew Dear1’s wardrobe. Dear2 needs to convince Dear1 that he needs new pairs of jean cos he can’t fit into the current ones anymore. Dear2 needs to convince Dear1 that he doesn’t have enough pairs of socks and that some of them already have holes in them. Dear2 needs to convince Dear1 that superglue can no longer hold his only pair of sandals together so it’s time to get a new pair. Dear2 needs to convince Dear1 that a good pair of sandals cannot be bought for less than $10.

Dear2 has a lot of convincing to do. And it doesn’t help that Dear1 gets pretty defensive when it comes to the topic of buying new apparels.

But Dear1 isn’t stingy of all apparels in general. Dear1 just doesn’t like to buy clothes for himself. Dear1 enjoys spending on nice clothes for Dear2 and for baby. Dear1 is absolutely delighted to see Dear2 dressed prettily everyday. Dear1 very much want to buy a designer winter coat for Dear2 so that she would look trendy in our overseas photos.

The same can be said about food as well. Dear1 likes to eat 3 vege + rice = $1.60 for lunch at the school canteen. But Dear1 also likes to bring Dear2 to dine at Ichiban Sushi, Swensens or maybe just Mos Burger. And more often than not, it is Dear2 who thinks that dining out at restaurants is too expensive.

The point is, that at least for Dear1 and Dear2, we like to pamper each other. We like to spend a bit of time, money and effort to make the lifestyles of each other better. And in doing so, sometimes we don’t pamper ourselves. But that’s only becos its much more gratifying to pamper each other.

So, let’s pamper each other more, dear. I’ll let you buy new clothes for me, and you let me treat you to better dinners. After all, allowing our significant other to pamper ourselves is also a way of pampering them.

We bought the jeans. :D



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