Taime Warehouse Sale

Our loot from the Taime Warehouse Sale – The biggest buy is the Capella stroller at the back, still in box. :D

Taime Pte Ltd held a warehouse sale just a few days ago, 19-21 Nov 09. It was a Thursday to Saturday, and it was in Bedok. So the best time for us to visit the sale was on Saturday, and that’s exactly what we did.

We took our OPC car out promptly at 3pm on Saturday and drove all the way to Bedok. We stopped by Baby Kingdom first to check out the prices to keep ourselves current with prices. We have been eyeing this particular stroller for some time now and had already more or less decided on the Capella S705 2009 model with the 5-point harness. Baby Kingdom quoted us $350 at best from the usual price of $369. After looking around a bit more, we left for Taime which is just a stone’s throw away across the PIE.

Wow. Taime warehouse sale was great! The major brands there were Capella, Chicco and Lucky Baby. There was at least a 20% discount for most items, 30% and 40% for some other. Some items were nett price which also featured substantial savings.

Our total bill at Taime, what a steal! We should have bought more…

We went directly to the Capella section and found the stroller going at 20% discount! That’s definitely the cheapest price in town, we bought it without a second thought. We also bought some other baby items that were on sale, including some foam play mats, a rubber cot sheet, nail clippers for baby, swaddleme, and a stroller clip fan. The final total price was less than $369, which made us felt as if we bought the Capella S705 at normal price and got everything else for free. Haha…

We left Taime warehouse and got lost in the private residential area. Hahaha… Luckily, we managed to find our way out after about 10 minutes of roaming. We went over to Blk 704 nearby to try out the Xiong-ge chicken rice that was featured on Buzzing Cashier 2. We went there before the last time we visited Baby Kingdom but the long queue turned us away. Luckily, this time there was no queue and we got our chicken rice immediately. Not bad, the chicken rice is quite tasty. But is it worth 1 hour queuing time, probably not.

Next, we set off to the United Square Baby Fair organised by Motherhood magazine. We arrived at 6.50pm, just before the start of the baby bottles giveaway event. We quickly joined the queue to get our free bottle, and also get our free sample copy of Motherhood magazine. The bottle was quite cute looking with 2 cute giraffes printed on it. But the quality of the material used to make the bottle was quite dubious looking that made us decided that we’ll not use it for baby but will instead put it in our display cabinet. Dear2 also didn’t like the idea that both the top and the bottom of the bottle can be unscrewed.

We shopped around United Square further and found this shop Mums & Babes that is having this bottle exchange program. Trade in any old baby bottle and get to buy a new 5oz Medela bottle for $6.90 (UP $10.90). We knew that the 3 5oz Medela bottle set costs $31.50 (before 15% off) at Baby Kingdom, which meant that each bottle would cost (31.50×0.85/3=) $8.925. $6.90 sounds good enough. Now, where can we find an old baby bottle to trade in at a time like this? Hmm… Oh wait, we did have a bottle in our possession. Hehehe… And so, we traded in our free gift bottle we collected just earlier and bought the Medela bottle at the discounted price. Yeah.

So that’s it for our eventful shopping Saturday. We’re glad that we’re finally buying all the baby stuffs (and all at fantastic offers too!) and getting ready for our baby’s arrival. Dear2 has been somewhat stressed lately about our ill-prepared-ness. I suppose Dear2’s mummy instinct is starting to kick in. Gee… Hope that this shopping spree of ours did calm Dear2 down a little.

Also, our car really did improve our lives and brought us much convenience. I couldn’t imagine us going to so many places if we didn’t have a car. Not to mention carrying so much shopping loot home. The stroller alone took up most of our boot space, can’t imagine us taking public transport with it. Dear2 is also having some hip pains which made long bus and MRT rides a difficult thing for her. Glad that we bought our car in time for Dear2’s pregnancy.

There’s still much more shopping to be done, hopefully we can get everything at good prices. Today, we’re going to Mothercare to get some toys at 15% discount, and going to OG to take a look at their 20% storewide sale, and going to visit Aussino 50% discount Baby Fair again, and probably drop by Metro to see if we can earn the 6% rebates worth of linkpoints. You see, we can use our Passion Card to earn 9 linkpoints for every $1 spent, and 150 linkpoints can be exchanged for $1 at NTUC for grocery shopping, so that’s 6%. :D

Hooray to year end festive shopping season!



5 thoughts on “Taime Warehouse Sale

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  2. *** Updates ***

    Taime is going to have another round of warehouse sale on 3-5 Dec 09. We’re definitely going again to pick up anything that we may have left out, and probably get a 2nd set of items to put at Mother-in-Law’s place. :D


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  4. *** Updates ***

    We went to the Taime warehouse sale again and bought a few more items. 1 more rubber cot sheet to put at MIL’s place, 1 toy, 1 mesh bath support becos it was just so cheap ($6.20), and 1 more 123 mat becos it was cheaper than the last time we went (now $4.90). :D


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