Shopping Panic Attack! Week 26

Panic attack!  Time is running out, yet we have not gotten much of baby stuff yet.  Gotto buy buy buy very soon, hurry!

Dear1 and Dear2 are really stingy people – we want to get all the baby stuff from the Christmas sale, so we really waited until recently to decide to commit to the purchases.  By right, with 4 more months to go, we can still leisurely walk walk see see and buy the stuff, but hey, week 26 is not 6th months, it is in fact already 7 months into the pregnancy!  Dear2 got a rude shock when she realised that 26/4 = 6.5, and 6.5 doesn’t mean 6th month of pregnancy, but it actually means that 6.5 months have already passed, and that leaves us at 7th month into the pregnancy.  No wonder Dear2 keeps having mathematical errors: 40 – 26 = 14 weeks, which means 3.5 more months to go.  With 3.5 months to go, how can you still be in 6th month?  Haiz, the 1/3 brain is indeed causing my interpretation skills to deterioate…

Baby kicks are very much more pronounced now, I know cos sometimes, 1 spot will feel very hard, and shortly after, the ‘lump’ will move over to the other side of the tummy.  It’s so vivid now that the hand can distinctively feel the hardness, keke… Hmm… It seems that baby is a late sleeper – she usually kicks and pushes more from the afternoons onwards while mummy is typing away after lunch, keke…..

1 colleague says that she can tell that baby is a girl, cos mummy’s nose is larger now; another colleague says confirm is girl cos mummy likes to eat sweet stuff more than savory foods now.  Haha, what’s the scientific explanation behind these observations!?

During the week, Dear2 was also experiencing water shortage.  Lethargyness and moodiness at work was making Dear2 so xian that she doesn’t want to drink water, in the office or at home.  Feet became swollen, and Dear1 even commented that Dear2’s skin feels bad to the touch….

On Thur and Fri, Dear2 even experienced such severe hip pain that she can barely stand while showering.  Usually as long as the body weight is not rested on the pain side, which is the right hip, then it’s still bearable.  This week’s pain is so excruciating that just the act of standing itself may cause winching pain.  Huhuhu, we really dunno what is the cause of it…..

Finally finally comes the much anticipated weekends, yeah. At 3pm on the dot on Sat, we drove our OPC car and headed for the Taime warehouse sale directly.  It was really a nerve-wrecking Sat afternoon, cos the sale had started on Thur, but we absolutely had no chance of visiting on Thur and Fri as by the time our OPC can come out at 7pm, and by the time we reach Chai Chee Industrial Park, the opening hours will long be over… And so, it was a now-or-never to catch de sale before it ends at 7pm on Sat.  Luckily the Capella stroller which we wanted was still in stock, with a 20% discount some more, haha.  We grabbed a few more items including the ABC mats, swaddle me blanket and stroller fan, and went home with a total loot costing less that the original price  of the stroller.  It was really like ‘buy a stroller and get everything else free’, haha.

On Sun, it was sterilizer hunting at Orchard Road.  After a wedding lunch, we walked up to Plaza Singapore to check out the Carrefour, Mothercare, and Aussino, and walked back down to OG Orchard and Metro at Paragon.  The Metro was especially disappointing – the baby section comprises of a miserable Mothercare section and a few more shelves, so it has none of the cot and sterilizer that we want.  :(  By the time we finished Metro, the 3 hours walk was costing Dear2 such severe feet ache and hunger, so it was home for dinner fast!!

A very tiring week and weekend, and there’s still a lot of things to buy.  :(

– Dear2


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