Oh, Backache. Week 28

Week 28 should mark de beginning of the third trimester, and it seems that Dear2’s gonna have a hard time with this third trimester.  All of a sudden, this thing called backache sets in – sitting becomes a chore and it’s just so hard to find a comfortable position to lean against.  The back ended up aching constantly, and the only relief can only be sought from lying down.  But how to lie down while eating, going out, and going to work…..?  It’s such a constant struggle now…

The water problem was a headache too.   During week days, Dear2 only drinks water from the time she steps into the office, till 4pm.  And on those days when there are meetings, be prepared to go on water-starvation mode until the end of the meeting.  So to overcome the water shortage problem, she gulps some water everytime she wakes up in the night to pee, making her wake up even more frequently to pee, and to drink more water.  11pm, 12mn, 2am, 4am, 6am…. This is a normal routine on how frequent she wakes up at night.  The result – a well hydrated and filtered body, but a very tired Dear2…..

Dear2 brought fren Julia to the Bugis distributor shop during the week too, where Julia bought a lot of newborn baby clothes.  Julia actually had already stocked up plenty of baby clothes for her unborn, but all those were newborn romper-styles.  Ermm…. It’ll be pretty tough to stuff a newborn’s head through the tiny neck hole in these kind of rompers –  this was what Julia concluded recently, hence she frantically restocked her pile with button in fronts instead….

Gynea visit at week 28 told us a lot about the normality of all the physical discomforts that Dear2 is feeling recently.  Finger joints pain – normal.  Backaches – normal, and un-curable.  :(  Menstrual cramp feelings – normal, and that’s the Braxton Hicks contractions where the uterus do practice contractions in preparation for the big day. Book TMC bed – just nice that gynea suggests that we do this admin now as well.  Baby is now 1.3kg, and likely to be a slightly big baby at birth.  And mummy has officially put on 10kg since pregnancy, weighing 62.9kg now…..

Over the weekends, Dear1 and Dear2 also went to the Baby Products Warehouse Sale at 994 Bendemeer Road (bought nothing cos all the items were dirty and old looking….), the second Taime Warehouse Sale and Baby Kingdom to get the Britax Premier car seat which is at a 10% discount right now.  Yeah, with this shopping trip, most of the baby stuff would have been gotten, so now left the cleaning up and washing….

And so, that was what Dear2 did over the next 2 days of the weekend.  Clean the Toyogo cupboards and pack all the baby stuff in the right places, and clean some of the house furniture too.  If not for exhaustion, Dear2 would have likely clean out all the furniture, glass panes and the toilets as well… But by 3pm on Sun, she was utterly knocked out….  Dear1 says that this is the nesting instinct during third trimester.  Perhaps what literature says really has some truth in it – that the second trimester is indeed considered honeymoon period and that third trimester will be agonizing like first trimester but of a different amplitude… Oh dear…

– Dear2


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