All I Want to Be

All I want to be, is to be a good wife.  I love Dear1, and I want to be a loving and supportive wife to him.  In life, there will be ups and downs – it may be your problems or my unhappiness, or circumstances outside our control that will make life never an easy bed of roses, but as long as we love each other, and care for each other, I am sure that we will overcome all difficulties together, and to savor in the sweet moments whenever they come.

All I want to be, is to be a good mother.  Baby, mummy do love you so.  Even though we have not seen you yet, and even though mummy worries about your health constantly, more so nowadays, but I want to let you know that mummy loves you so, cos you are the crystallization of the love between  mummy and daddy.  I pray that you are a healthy baby, and that is all I ask of you.  Mummy and daddy will love you so, and we will be good parents, I assure you.

All I want to be, is to be a good worker.  Life is hard, and with all the financial constraints, there is no way for a single income family.  To support this lifestyle, I need a reliable stream of income, and a job is the only way to secure this.  So I need to be a good worker who reports to work everyday, and bring in the money every month to pay for mummy and daddy and baby’s needs and wants.

All I want to be, is to be a good daughter and a good sister.  Going to be a mummy myself soon, I cannot expect my parents and siblings to sympathize with my mood swings and wilderness anymore…

All I want to be, is to be a good person.  Be it a friend, a colleague, or just a passer-by on the streets, I want to be a good person with positive attitudes and good morals so that I can bring sunshine to my love ones around me.  I need to dispel all negativities and to be my best everyday while looking forward to the next.  It is not easy with all the physical discomforts and emotional stress now, but we just have to try hard and constantly remind ourselves of this.  Jiayou jiayou, and I am sure you can be what you want to be.

– Dear2


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