The weekend of JLPT

Last weekend marked the end of several weeks of activities, and it also meant that Dear1 and Dear2 can finally take a break and slow down our pace of life.

Baby – We visited our gynae on Friday for our week 28 appointment. With this, Dear2 has officially stepped into the third trimester. The focus now will be to stay healthy and happy while we monitor baby’s development. Our doctor has also briefed us about booking of hospital beds, things to pack, and how to identify labour pain. We’re really into the counting down phase now, looking forward, so exciting.

Shopping – On the same Friday, we went to Taime warehouse sale again to pick up a few more items on discount before going over to Baby Kingdom to finally finally buy our car seat after much considerations.

Our Britax Premier car seat looks comfy. :D

The car seat we bought is the Britax (Safe n Sound) Premier, Camel Suede colour, at $359 (UP $399). It’s a convertible car seat suitable from newborn to around 4 years old. We were told by the people at Baby Kingdom that we can bring the car seat back to them for installation any time if we do not know how to properly install the car seat. This service is valid any time (even a few years down the road) as long as we produce the receipt as a proof of purchase. We asked for an immediate demonstration of the installation process and try to absorb as much as we can before removing the car seat and putting it back in its box. Baby Kingdom isn’t exactly near our house but we’ll keep the receipt just in case we really needed help with installation and switching from rear facing to front facing next time.

On Sunday, we bought a simple bath tub from our neighbourhood shop for $7.50 as oppose to branded bath tubs which can cost above $30. Come on, it’s just a plastic tub. And with this, our major baby shopping items are all ready. All that’s left are consumables such as diapers and shampoos. Phew!

Cleaning – We received quite a number of hand me downs and those had conveniently been laid around the kitchen floor since we brought them home. In additional, we’ve been piling up our baby purchases on our study room floor and it just kept on growing. House was really in a small (big) mess. We (mostly Dear2) spent the weekend cleaning, wiping, moving, shifting, and sorting out all the items. All the big boxes such as breastpump, car seat, stroller goes neatly stacked under the study table now. All the hand me downs goes to the laundry basket to be washed; those unusable to be thrown away. All the baby linen goes into the clean Toyogo chest of drawers. *nod nod* Everything is neat and tidy again and our house is back to normal. :D

JLPT – Meanwhile, I was pretty bogged down by my JLPT exam. I started studying quite late, just about 3 weeks ago. I decided to concentrate on reviewing my grammar and totally forgot about my vocab and kanji. It wasn’t until the final week when I started doing some mock exam papers that I realized how weak my vocab was. Panic panic. With the exam on Sunday, but both Friday and Saturday used for baby shopping, I had no more time left to study. Gone case. I’m going to fail. Dear2 told me to take it as an experience and just try my best. Sigh.

I took a bus to SMU for the exams as I don’t want to think about driving and parking. I revised what I could on the bus ride which took slightly more than an hour. I arrived on time and was shocked to see so many people taking JLPT exams. The exam started on time and consisted of 3 sections (vocab, listening & grammar) which lasted about 3 hours. Hmm… Surprisingly, it wasn’t as hard as I imagined (maybe my 20 years of exam experience kicked in and my memory went into hyper-drive). I was stumped at a number of questions due to my poor preparations but I knew the answer to many as well. Maybe there was going to be a slight chance that I might pass after all. Hope for the best. Anyway, it is over now, huge sigh of relief. Phewwwwww~

Good job dear, we did it! We’ve done so many things since coming back from Penang. Let’s slow down the pace and get some much needed rest. December is going to zoom right past becos of the festive mood and public holidays, and soon it’ll be January. Yeah yeah yeah. :D


Encore – Last Sunday was also the Standard Chartered Marathon. We miss running.


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