Bukit Batok Blockbuster Movie Nightssss

Nightssss! Why the extended plural? That’s becos the annual Bukit Batok Blockbuster Movie event is held for 5 nights in a row, counting down to Christmas. Yup, it’s an annual event according to our sample size of 2 years. :P

Last year, during the same period counting down to Christmas, I first noticed the banner poster for this outdoor movie screening event. My first impression was, wow! I remember going to some outdoor movie events with my parents when I was young, but such events are very much a rarity these days. Even more so is the fact that the movie event is free! Mind you, the movies themselves are not cheapo oldies. They are very recent movies to hit the big screen, most likely within the last 1 year or so. I was interested.

I can’t really remember all the 5 movies screened last year, but I remembered watching 保持通话 on one evening when Dear2 went out with her friends. The movie screen was setup at this large paved open space area just next to the Bukit Batok bus interchange. The screen size was as large as those in cinemas, and they even brought out their surround sound system with side speakers and rear speakers. There were no chairs and people either sat on the floor or stood by the sides. There were also some opportunistic hawkers that sold snacks like nasi lemak, popcorn and kachang puteh at a corner of viewing area. In fact, the visual, audio and atmosphere felt every bit like an indoor cinema, minus the air-con and cushion seats.

It was all pretty exciting for me as it had been so long since I last went to a outdoor movie event. Come to think of it, in our 10 years of courtship, I had never been to an outdoor movie event such as this with Dear2 before. And so, Dear2 and I went on our mini movie date the next night, screening Kung Fu Panda.

It was quite crowded that night so we chose not to sit in with the crowd, but to stand at the sides instead. And we stood through the entire 92 minutes of the movie, which gave us tired legs. It was rather humid that night and so we were all sticky and dirty by the end of the movie. We went empty handed that night, which meant that we were also hungry and thirsty (we didn’t buy any snacks from the stalls). Well, not exactly the ideal romantic date I was thinking about. Hehe… Nevertheless, we enjoyed this community event, and it was quite “romantic” in a simple sort of way cos we got to catch a movie after dinner on a weekend dressed in t-shirts, shorts and slippers. And after that, a slow walk home through the quiet 10pm park.

This year, the movie event is back for another 5 nights counting down to Christmas. This year, the organizers were more prepared. There were large canvas sheets for viewers to sit on, and also plastic chairs towards the back of the “theatre”.

This year, we’re prepared too. We decided that we wanted to watch just 1 movie, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. It was on a weekday evening. So we went home first to put down our bags and change into comfortable sandals. Next, we went to Old Chang Kee to buy 2 sets of their dinner promo set (we had sambal fish + mineral water) for a total of $5. We brought our dinner and arrive early at the movie venue to get seats on those plastic chairs (it is difficult for third trimester Dear2 to sit on the floor). And we enjoyed our movie over dinner. Yum yum.

In the end, we didn’t finish watching the movie becos it was getting late. The 150 minute movie started at 8pm and would end at about 10.30pm. We had yet to bath and there was work the next day. That’s why we decided to leave early. Still, we enjoyed our little community movie date. It’s not really about the movie, it’s more about being able to spend some time with Dear2 and doing things together. Love you dear.


p.s. Becos we arrived early, we were able to see the names of the sponsors of this movie event on the screen before the movie started. Surprising, most of the sponsors are construction firms. We didn’t know there are soooo many construction firms in Singapore. :)


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