The Diaphragm Pain? Week 32

After this week 32, it’ll be countdown to the last 7 weeks before baby’s arrival!  Time to get ready the hospital bag, time to discuss with supervisor and HR on maternity leave issues and time to have the birth plan ready.  Aiya, but 1 headache still remains with baby’s English name.  What is a nice and unique name…?  Hmm…

Early in the week, daddy suddenly came down with flu.  We quickly rushed daddy to the clinic and luckily it was just a mild flu and not something more serious…  Daddy finished the medicine and was feeling better by the end of the week, but pray that the weather dun remain this bad such that it’s easy to fall sick…

This week, mummy starts to feel discomfort at the area between the tummy and the breasts.  Is this the so called diaphragm pain?   Oh no, with 7 more weeks to go and a constant pain at the mid bodice area, it’s gonna be many many days of constant discomfort, gotto get used to it ya…  The pain in the diaphragm also make sleeping very difficult – on New Year’s eve, mummy only went to sleep at 2am becos neither lying on either sides helps to ease the pain.  But at 5.30am, the ‘natural protective mummy’s instinct’ made mummy wide awake to await for daybreak…  Sleeping in the day is the only remedy to catching up on the much needed rest…

It’s gynae visit again this week after 4 weeks, and after this, it’ll be a visit every 2 weeks. Baby is now 1.84kg, just nice between the normal range of 1.8 to 1.9kg.  Yeah, mummy is not diabetic, but still gotto watch her sugar intake.

On Sat, it was Mrs Wong’s last lesson at AMK Hub, and after that, mummy and daddy went down to 717 Durian at Highland Centre along Yio Chu Kang Road.  Mummy’s been wanting to go since lesson 1 of the 5 lessons since it’s in the area, but always no chance.  So it was a definite ‘must go’ this time round.  Alas, becos of the new year holiday season, the durians are sooo expensive as the Malaysian drivers were on leave over the past few days and hence no delivery.  We paid $12/kg for D24 and $20/kg for Mao Shan Wang – expensive!!  But since we forgot to call to check the season and price prior, and since it’s the last time that we’ll be in the area, well, haiz…

It was a long long weekend this week, and after this week, the next PH will be Chinese New Year.   Oh boy, how to endure until den, with mummy’s sleepless nights and when sleep is only nice during the day….

– Dear2


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