Baby cot delivered

Our Shears Premium Wooden Cot, white in colour. We liked it for its simple design and no fanciful curvatures.

Our baby cot that we bought from Metro some weeks ago was finally delivered over the weekend.Yeah! Just to refresh our memories, we bought this cot at Metro for $189, comes with the cot, the mattress, 1 baby activity mat and 1 bean sprout pillow. Good deal.

The delivery was scheduled for 10am-1pm and the delivery man arrived at around 12pm. Thumbs up for being on time. I instructed the person to assemble the cot outside the house and to be careful not to put any parts of the cot on the corridor floor. I suppose he was very accustomed to such requests as I watch him skillfully put the cot together. Everything was done on the laid out cardboard box and nothing touched the ground.

The next step was to bring the cot into the house. This required a bit of effort as the spatial arrangement of our furniture made it impossible to bring in the cot as is. We tilted the cot vertically and slowly rotate ourselves around the furnitures. Once the cot was in house, the delivery man explained to us the basic features of the cot and some common mishandling of the cot.

Finally, before he left, he showed us this musical mobile. Great, we so happen to need a musical mobile, I thought. He is doing to promotion for the musical mobile to customers who bought the cot. The original price was $30. It is a spring operated system, each full wind will last about 30 minutes. Both Dear2 and I was ok with it and the price was attractive too. However, we do not know the market price and hence do not know if it was really a bargain. What we do know was that it was near impossible to find a musical mobile on the market for less than $40. And one of the reasons why we had not bought our musical mobile was becos we couldn’t find one under $40 that we liked (actually, we saw 2 musical mobiles under $40 before but we didn’t like the animal toys that hang from them).

And so we bought the musical mobile from the delivery man. You can see the musical mobile in the picture above too. Now, let’s just hope we don’t see the same musical mobile selling at a cheaper price outside. :P

Before leaving, the delivery man informed us that their company is participating in a baby fair in March 2010 and that things will be selling at attractive prices. I told him to keep us informed by phone and we will try to go down to take a look at some new toys for baby then.

All in all, we bought the cot at a good price, the quality is decent, and the delivery was smooth. We even managed to buy a cheap musical mobile along the way. Happy happy.



5 thoughts on “Baby cot delivered

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    • Hi aileen,

      It is $189, no mistake. We bought it at Metro Woodlands. We also saw the same baby cot at OG Orchard going at only $169 but without the “free gifts”. Dunno if the promotion is still ongoing or not, u may want to call them up to check? :)


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