Sunning baby’s pillows

It so happens that my work place is under going renovation works and it is both noisy and dusty there. And since there is no way to work under those conditions, I decided to bring my entire CPU/monitor/keyboard/mouse home to do my work. Since renovation works is suppose to last until at least Friday, I suppose I’ll be working from home for the rest of this week.

Working from home has its merits, such as being able to do some house-work in the day time in between doing work-work. Oh, and I get to dress in sleep wear, lie on the bed when I feel tired, and so on. Hehe… No! Gotta have self discipline and do work. And so, I mopped the floor yesterday; now the floor is squeaky clean. Yeah.

Sunning baby’s pillows and bolsters. Dun worry, all of them are securely “kiap-ed”.

On the topic of house-work, there is one important thing that only a work from home person can do. Laundry. Yes, becos it is important that we sun our clothes so that they can be thoroughly dry and smell and feel fresh too. However, for regular people working a 5 day work week, there are only 2 opportunities to sun the laundry, Saturday and Sunday. And if any of these 2 days happen to rain, be prepare to say byebye to fresh clothes.

So since I’m staying home this week, let’s make the most out of it and sun sun sun. Today, I’m going to sun baby’s new pillows and bolsters from the Aussino Comforter set that we bought a few weeks ago. Gotta get things ready for baby’s arrival. :D

What else do we need to sun dear? :D



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