2010 New Year Resolutions

It is already 10 days into the new year, and so Dear1 and Dear2 have sat down (again) to review our 2009 and to set new goals for 2010.

New year resolutions are just meant to be like that, u set them so that you can refer to them when you lose focus along the year.  And at the end of the year, you review them to see how much of these goals that you have achieved.  And after that, it’s the whole process of setting new goals (or may even be repeat ones) so that you can chase them again in the next year.  Dear2 reminded a colleague Joe the purpose of setting new year resolutions, and encouraged him to strive to lose weight this year so that he can get a girlfriend soon.  His response: Losing weight has been on his list of new year resolutions for many years already….  I think Joe missed the point – it’s not about really becoming ultra slim then you consider your new year resolutions met, but it’s more about remembering them and working at them.  Ultimately, at the end of the day, you may not have achieved the desired results for some reasons or so, but what is more important is that YOU have worked hard at them.  It’s about having no regrets at the end of the day, and not only lament about the failure…

2009 had been a pretty depressing year for all, with the bad economy and uncertainty and low morale in the work force.  Dear2 is just happy that the bad year has been behind us, and 2010 is expected to be a better one, unless there’s anymore ‘unexpected, un-anticipated’ surprises that none could foretell….  Anyway….

Overall, Dear2 scored an almost perfect score in achieving her 2009 goals, possibly because those were very SMART, ie specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely (within a clear time period) as compared to 2008’s.  Dear1 scored less than ideal, but nonetheless, efforts were put in along the way such that Dear1 was able to work hard and achieve more of his goals.  Way to go, Dear1 and Dear2!

For the new year 2010, these will be the new goals:


1) Submit 2 papers.

2) Submit thesis.

3) Find new job.

4) Pass N3 (or N4).

5) Lose weight to 70kg.

6) Be proficient in real estate matters.


1) Pass CFA 1.

2) Increase professional competency by attending as many courses and trainings.

3) Change job.

4) Get back to 50kg.

5) Motivate Dear1 to get back to shape and to eat healthy.

6) Breastfeed baby for 6 months.

Dear1 and Dear2:

1) Learn to cook deserts.

2) Find a high interest-yielding account  and save $500 mth + all extraordinary income.

May 2010 be a good year for all, and gambatte!!!

– Dear2


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