Week 33 and it’s a New Year New Beginning

Week 33 marks the beginning of a new year, 2010, and with a new year new beginning, Dear2 was pretty energetic this week.

On Monday, Dear2 did all the office administrative things – register for CFA 1, and discussed Maternity Leave issues with the boss and HR.  It’ll be 13 weeks consecutive ML starting from the weekend prior to Chinese New Year, and return in May where it’ll be some public holiday and study leave until the CFA exam in June.  As for the rest of the 3 weeks ML, it’ll be on ad hoc basis coupled with Annual Leave if it’s not enough.  Kekeke…..

This week, Dear2 managed to have good sleeps on all nights, thanks to Dear1’s advice to sleep propped up on 2 pillows.  In the early night, Dear2 will sleep at say, 70 degrees angle propped up on 2 soft pillows as the diaphragm area usually feels cramped at night.  In the middle of the night, the 2 pillows will be exchanged for the usual head pillow since the diaphragm would have felt much better by then.  So it was a nice sleep for the whole of this week, yeah!

Dear1’s office was unfortunately undergoing some renovation this week, so Dear1 brought his computer home and work from home.  Dear2 very much wanted to stay at home and accompany Dear1, but since this week is so charged up, decided to just capitalise on this good energy while she can.  Dear1 took this opportunity to wash all the baby clothes, since the only times that we can wash and sun laundry is on the weekends.  There were a few rainy afternoons this week, but by the end of the week, most of baby’s clothes and bedding stuff have been washed second time with baby detergent and sunned fresh.  Yeah yeah yeah!!

On Saturday, Dear2’s friends came over to visit.  It was such a long time since all the gals got together, especially with Jia coming back from the US to visit her family during this period.  We will all be turning 29 this year, and these friends were made since Secondary School days, wow…  All the more you should cherish the friends and people around you even though there might be differences in lifestyle and ideologies….

It was a pretty energetic week this week, except for the 1 episode when Dear2 blew out blood when she thot she was blowing out a runny mucus nose.  Omg… Luckily the blood stopped after that, with occasional dried blood traces throughout the week.  It’s probably due to bad weather, cos Dear1 was feeling heaty too.  So time to drink some barley, haha.

– Dear2


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