Toy Animal Giraffe & Cow

These are our gifts to baby, toy animal giraffe & cow from Mothercare.

If you have been following our continually updated pregnancy related expenses, you would have noticed two particular entries from Mothercare about a toy animal giraffe and a toy animal cow. Well, here they are. :D

One day, while shopping for baby stuffs at Vivo City, Dear1 caught sight of this animal giraffe at Mothercare. It’s so cuddly and soooo cute. But it was a little expensive, $29. So we waited to see if there was going to be a sale coming up.

And it did. 15% discount on all toys until Christmas. We went to Mothercare again and picked up the toy animal giraffe in the picture on the left. It’s a self standing soft animal toy, no other gimmicks.

At the same time, we also saw this other toy animal sheep (UP $25) that was about two-thirds the size of the giraffe. And it was a crinkle sheep, meaning that it has some soft plastic sheets inside the sheep that makes a crinkle sound when squeezed. And it’s quite cute as well. We were considering.

It was around this time that we decided that we should get a gift for baby. Some sort of gift to welcome baby to our world and to become part of our family. We decided that daddy will give the toy animal giraffe to baby as his gift. So this meant that mummy will need to find a gift too, and the crinkle sheep looked like a great idea.

We went back to Mothercare on another day with the intention to purchase the sheep. However, when we arrived, we noticed this very cute toy animal cow. Having came from the same series, it was the same size as the sheep, and same price too (UP $25). It too makes a sound to grab baby’s attention, a rattle sound that is.

After much consideration, we decided on the rattle cow instead. The 15% discount was still ongoing. We chose the cow becos it was newer, it’s pink, it’s cuter, it’s got the same tiny eyes as giraffe (sheep had large eyes), and becos the shorter fur was easier to maintain (sheep had longer curlier fur). There’s the toy animal cow in the picture on the right. And that would be mummy’s gift to baby.

We’ll probably put both animals in one corner of the baby cot until baby becomes old enough to play with them. And we might expand baby’s safari collection in the future too! :D



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