Week 35, Oh Week 35

Week 35 started with 2 days MC on Mon and Tue becos Dear1 and Dear2 had Durian ice cream and Milo ice cream from Swenson’s the week before.  Swenson’s still have this student promotion – $9.80 for any 2 Sundaes if you present your Student Pass from 2pm to 5pm on weekdays. Dear1 thinks that it’s a super good deal, so off we went and indulge in these sinful ice cream flavours which we haven’t tried before.  The result – immediate sorethroat and running nose for Dear2.

With all logistics and schedule planning only possible after the C section (or not) is confirmed at the next gynae visit which is end of Week 36 (oh groan), this week is a very enduring week for both Dear1 and Dear2.  Sudden blood in mucus, the second or third time in the past month, was making Dear2 very worried when the next appointment is more than a week’s away, so it was a desparate call to the clinic to ask if mtb should be concerned.  The usual response – nose bleed or gum bleeds are pretty common for mtbs…  So, it was a no-more-blowing-of-the-runny-nose-lest-blood-again for Dear2….

Tummy is feeling very heavy indeed this week.  For the past few weeks, it was just groans and slooow motion while Dear2 rotate on the spot when flipping over on the other side at night.  Now, the weight shift from one side to the top to the other side is so pronounced that mummy feels as if baby will ‘drop’ heavily just by this act of rotation.  So, it was ‘push yourself up’, ‘get out of bed’, and ‘get in bed lying on the other side’…..  Kind of tiring if you need to flip over a couple of times every night….

With the first 2 days off and the rest of the week just trying to finish up all the outstanding office stuff before Dear2 goes on Maternity Leave, possibly next week, the week past fairly fast, yeah.

Come the weekend, it was eat, sleep, eat routine for Dear2, a nice restful weekend after the past shopping weekends and cleaning weekends.  Next week will be Week 36, when all the planning and instructions to family can be given out.

– Dear2

PS: One fine day, Dear2 suddenly have this curiousty.  We have been tracking Dear2’s weight increase and taking photos of Dear2’s tummy throughout the term, how come we didn’t track Dear2’s waistline?  Haha.  So Dear2 whipped out the measuring tape in our house, the Ikea paper measuring tape, and ta da, Dear2’s tummy is sligthly larger than the tape which measures about 39.5 inch.  That makes Dear2’s tummy about 40 inch in size, wow………


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