Baby is Full Term! Week 36

Dear1 and Dear2 have been waiting for Week 36 until our necks are long liao, cos Week 36 marks the time that baby is full term and ready to pop.  This week, we will also be going for the next gynae vsit which will confirm if baby will be coming out via a C section or not.  But until the end of this week, it was really very trying indeed!!

Dear1 cut up a big garbage bag and laid it under the comforter on Dear2’s side of the bed on Mon, cos some forumers suggest that this can ‘save’ the mattress if the water bag bursts in the middle of the night.  The result – Dear2 discarded the plastic on Tue cos the impermeable sheet was making the already hot-despite-air-con Dear2 even hotter with the skin not being able to breathe at all.  What a very good idea indeed….  -_-‘”

On Tue night, Dear2 experienced extreme pain on 1 corner of the abdomen, pain that is more like a muscle that is entangled wrongly.  Pain pain pain throughout the night and even after waking up on Wed morning, Dear2 took the morning off to continue lying in bed.  Luckily the stitch-like pain finally went away after that, if not Dear2 thot that she was going into labour pain already.  Doctor, help!!

Dear2 was still indecisive of having early Maternity Leave cos it won’t be maximized this way, but with this scare and the really heavy tummy now, Dear2 decided to bring forward the ML. This week will really be the last week before saying bye bye to all the office mess, yippee…

On Thur, it was finally the much anticipated gynae visit.  As expected, baby has still not turned head-down, and so it was confirmation of the C section date and rebooking of the hospital bed with TMC.

Dear1 read that contractions are usually well spread out throughout the whole tummy, but apart from the menstrual cramp-like BHC that Dear2 gets, it is either the baby tumbles/ kicks/ punches or the expansion-like feelings, kind of as if baby is stretching herself and pushing on all sides of her ‘house’.  We asked gynae about this during the visit and it seems that the ‘expansion’ feelings are actually contractions.  Omg, than that means that Dear2 is experiencing quite frequent contractions every day cos since the beginning of third trimester, the expansion feelings has always been counted as 1 baby kick.  Opps…

Bodily changes wise, this week seems to mark the final league.  Pimples are getting overwhelming now, stretching from the back up the neck and ready to creep up onto the face and into the hairline.  The nipples will feel sore for no rhyme or reason too, as if really preparing for supplying milk to baby.  The worse will be swollen feet.  People have been saying that swollen feet from water retention is very common during pregnancy, and we have not seen it yet until this time round, when the feet are really swollen and the 2 size larger sandals bought specially for pregnancy wear is really sinking into the flesh, wow……

Slightly more than 1 week to go and Dear1 and Dear2 will see baby very soon.  *Anticipation*  ^_^  ^_^

– Dear2


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