As We Go Into Week 37

Baby is officially full term after passing week 36, and with slightly more than 1 week, we can see baby after C section delivery on 38w2d, yeah.

Baby feels very low in the tummy now and the top of the abdomen feels kind of spacious.  People always say mtbs tend to have less appetite during third trimester but not so for Dear2 and it was normal eating still, if not, more hunger nowadays.  This week at home on maternity leave also allows Dear2 to fill herself up with loads of water, cos the feet swell due to water retention seems to get worse and worse nowadays.  Dear2 finally understands what other mtbs mean when they say swollen feet hurts, cos they really do when the toes cannot bend…

Next week 38w2d will be baby’s scheduled delivery, but there’s no telling if Dear2 will go into labour sooner than that.  Dear1 and Dear2 have already had ‘reunion dinner’ with Dear2’s family last Sunday, and this Sunday will be the even more sumptuous dinner with Dear1’s family.  And since Dear2 will be missing CNY goodies during confinement, this week also means the last week to load up on these snacks before baby is out.  KFC, love letters, peanut cookies, last chance to indulge before we see baby next week!!

Eating and sleeping and resting at home this week also makes Dear2 more conscious of baby kicks.  Baby don’t really move much in the mornings, and it is only until afternoons when mummy is at her study desk just surfing the net for recipes that baby starts kicking and stretching a lot.  And on Tue and Wed night, as Dear2 is watching the 10pm show, there will be the stretching feelings.  Dear2 was starting to get confused – is it that baby is really stretching, or that these are already labour contractions?  Especially those at night, they seem to come every 30 or 45 min before going off, and only by going to sleep does Dear2 stop experiencing these movements……  What about that lump of mucus discharge on Tue…?  The clock is really ticking down…..

As an announcement, Week 37 officially ends on Thur.  Keke…

– Dear2


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