Baby is Born!!

Omg, after half a year’s of anticipation, baby is born!!

It all happened in a haze….

On Tue, Dear2 had some pale lumpy yellow discharge, quite an uncommon sight as Dear2 hardly have discharge of this kind during normal days and during pregnancy.  There was the stretching feelings in the night, which gynae and Dear1 say is labour contractions, at 10pm, 10.30pm and 11.15pm.  These stretchings were accompanied by some mild headaches, or was it just some kind of sensation in the head…?

Wed, mum came over to recee her ‘confinement place’ aka our house.  The weather was probably hot, and Dear2 was feeling a bit of headache then. There was no discharge, but again at night at 11pm as Dear2 was lying in bed ready to fall asleep, there was the stretchings again.  This time, they come at intervals even shorter, like every 15 or 10 min.  Baby is getting so stretchy ah…?

In the middle of the night, for no rhyme or reason, Dear2 woke up, not unusual as she sometimes does so during the past month becos of the ‘motherly instinct’ or becos of Dear1’s snoring.  But this time it was neither, it was just sitting.  Wake Dear1 up…. maybe not, since Dear2 cannot decide if she’s really so hungry as to want to cook a maggi mee…  Just go back to sleep than….

Thur morning, as Dear1 was dabao-ing breakfast, Dear2 had a block of brownish mucus discharge.  Omg, this looks dubious, definitely not what Dear2 have ever seen so far.  Could this be the legendary ‘show’?  But I expect something more solid than that jelly like mucus leh, and perhaps at least contain some tinges of red…?  Admit hospital or not – but admission means that no food and drink already.  But Dear2 was too hungry for that uncertainty, and it was finish-the-carrotcake-first-den-we-decide, all the while feeling that weird sensation in the head….  We called up gynae’s clinic to see if we can bring forward tomorrow’s appointment to today, and when clinic informed us that there could be some opportunity at 10.30, it was pack up hospital bag and the house with the half chance that we will be staying in the hospital from this day onwards liao.

We reached gynae clinic at 10.30am promptly, but it was an hour’s wait until we finally get the see gynae.  As gynae was getting ready to do the scan, she felt a contraction.  It was ok for Dear2 cos the ‘contraction’ just felt like usual baby stretch, except that this comes with some headache, or really, just some sensation in the head.  Gynae checked for dilation – omg, Dear2 is already about 2 to 3 cm dilated.  Dun think can hold until tomorrow already, so it was a quick fix up with TMC and off we went to do admission for scheduled delivery at 2.30pm.  Alas, the cheapest single bedded room that we want is not available, and the next available tier of single bed room cost twice as much at $900+ per night.  Sensing Dear2’s distress, the 2 staff at the admission counter were very kind and patient to secure 1 of the room that we want, but we’ll have to check in after the Op as the patient has not yet discharge.  After all the admin, Dear2 quickly checked into a 2 bedded room where there was another mummy. It was about 12.30pm by now.  Omg, this is just so unbelievable…

Change, shave, inject medicine to induce bowel movement, within 10 mins it was laxative effect in play, call brother and both parents and it was very soon 1.30pm where Dear2 was pushed to the Operating Theatre.  The waiting was hard, every 5 mins seem to take forever, and finally at 2.35pm, gynae and anesthesiologist appeared.  Inject needle on hand and put on drip, push into OT, insert urine drainer, inject 2 needles into spine for numbing and epidural, and finally Dear1 is allowed into the OT.  In a smooth motion, gynae began operation, anesthesiologist help to push baby out, and baby is out at 3.12pm.  Baby was carried to show Dear1 and Dear2, and while wiping clean, Dear2 heard baby’s first cry, bringing tears of joy to Dear2 as well.  Baby and Dear1 then left the OT and Dear2 was stitched up and put on monitor.  By 4pm, Dear2 was finally pushed back to the ward after shivering tremendously while on the monitor.

Dear2’s brother was there already, Dear1’s parents arrived afterwards shortly and at 6+pm, baby came into the ward as well.  Tried latching baby as we wanted baby to go on total breast feeding.  Baby was pushed in at regular intervals after that, at 12mn, 4am and 7am, but kept dozing off while suckling…

For the rest of the evening, it was dizziness, frozen legs, cannot talk cos will start shivering again, and no food and drinks until the next day.

Fri, Dear2 was finally given food from breakfast onwards.  Baby was pushed in at regular 3 hours intervals to stimulate mummy’s milk production and the nurses commented that baby can suck well.  :)  Through out the day, some friends and relatives came visiting, but Dear2 was just feeling very tired.  The needle in the hand for the drip and the stomach stitch made Dear2 lay absolutely still in bed the whole day until butt pain…

Sat, Dear2 was still not producing colostrum and the nurses suggested feeding water or formula.  Dear1 and Dear2 insisted on total breast feeding and got the nurses to help when baby falls asleep halfway during the breastfeeding.  Exercise baby, check and change her diaper, unwrap her, tickle her cheek and forehead and arm to wake her up during the feeding session.  There were many visitors throughout the day too, and feeding became awkward with so many people outside the curtain.  Dear1 and Dear2 also din get any chance to catch up on any sleep too.

Today, Dear2 was experiencing much pain in the tummy, more so becos of gas rather than wound pain.   The ‘windy’ medicine prescribed by gynae made the tummy ache even more, and 2 dose is enough for Dear2 to keep it aside.  Output release eases the discomfort greatly, with the release of solid waste and lots of gas….

Dear1 and Dear2 also attended the breastfeeding cum bathing class conducted by Parentcraft.  The 1 hr session started at 11am.  The demonstrator mentioned that patients get to have 1 free session with their Lactation Consultant, but we have not seen this person yet.  A call check turns out that we might not get a chance to see them as they might either have passed their rounds and it was already the weekends.  The Birth Registration counter was also closed over the weekends by the afternoon when we wanted to go process it.  What the hack….

Early Sun morning, we finally started to see some colostrum.  The Pedi came at 7+am and if baby clears the jaundice test, we can all discharge.  Gynae came at 8+ to change Dear2’s dressing and to sign discharge.  Happily, we packed up everything in anticipation to go home, but alas, baby’s jaundice level at 12.7 is higher than the passing rate of 11.  No choice, since mummy is finally producing colostrum, and that little bit of amount is not sufficient to be pumped out, we decided to stay 1 more night so that baby can get the colostrum.  We took this day to catch up on sleep, and instructed relatives not to come visiting.

By afternoon, there seems to be more colostrum and baby don’t need much tickling during the feed now.  Her suckle is more of slow deep sucks rather than the earlier short shallow sucks.  By evening, with assistance from the nurses on how to position baby, the latch improves and baby latches about 15 min on each side.  However, by the night of Sun, Dear1 and Dear2 finally gave in to Nurse Pressure and consented to feeding baby with glucose water as baby is small and has jaundice…

Mon morning, the lactation consultant finally visited our room and gave us some advice about breastfeeding. Baby’s jaundice level came out to be passable, yeah, baby can discharge.  Happily, we gave instructions to relatives on the discharge and off we went to home sweet home.

This is Dear2’s birth story and our of TMC hospital stay.  Dear2 was initially disappointed that baby will be born via a Cesarean and not a vaginal birth and hence unable to experience ‘the process’, but the earlier than the scheduled C section delivery kind of compensated for this as Dear2 still gets to experience some panic.  Labour, is afterall, usually not a systematic process, haha.  Ultimately, Dear1 and Dear2 are just so glad that baby is born healthy and beautiful, and we must continue to love each other even more now that our family has really expanded from 2 to 3.

Mummy loves Daddy and Baby, Baby loves Mummy and Daddy, and Daddy loves Mummy and Baby.

– Dear2

Note from Dear1: At night, the room at TMC was so cold even after we turned off the aircon that we had to boil water using the kettle provided several times a night to heat up the room. We even placed the kettle, lid opened, in the centre of the room like a campfire.


7 thoughts on “Baby is Born!!

    • Thanks for your blessings, Iris. :)

      We are trying breastfeeding, but it hasn’t been easy thus far. We’ll still continue to give our best, and to give this best gift of nature to baby as much as we can. Most important thing is to be patient I guess.

      Happy New Year and Happy Valentine’s Day too. :)


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