Happy CNY & V-Day 2010!

Happy CNY & V-Day to everyone!

This year, things would be a little different for us compared to previous years becos Baby1 is born just a few days ago and Dear2 would be in her confinement period. This means that we can’t go new year visiting this year. For people who are superstitious, it also means that other people can’t visit us as well.

Nevertheless, we still prepared all the ang baos for our family members and passed them to our parents to distribute on our behalf. Oh, Baby1 received quite a few ang baos from her uncles and aunties too. :D

Hmm… Today is also Valentine’s Day. I wonder how we can celebrate V-Day now that Dear2 is confined. Maybe we can order a romantic KFC delivery? Haha… But with both our lives revolving around Baby1 right now, I think some quiet personal time with Dear2 chit chatting over a nice warm cup of milo would make a great date.

I’m typing this post with my right hand while carrying baby in my left hand cradle position, coaxing her to take her afternoon nap. Typing with just 1 hand is horribly slow, so I shall stop here. Btw, Dear2 is also taking her recovery afternoon nap now. I shall too soon, once baby goes to sleep. :D


p.s. Baby shall use the nickname Baby1. :)


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