JLPT 3 2009 results

This morning as usual, I went downstairs to buy breakfast and some grocery shopping at NTUC. On the way home, I decided to check the letterbox… :D

There was a huge pile of mail, many of which were related to the baby bonus for Baby1. Then there was this 1 letter from The Japanese Cultural Society, Singapore… :D

If you have read my earlier post, you would have known how I had 2 years of Japanese language lessons some years back, and how I deferred taking my JLPT until this year. Having 2 years of formal lessons under my belt, I was pretty confident of tackling JLPT3 directly (I did not take JLPT4).

However, I was getting rusty from the lack of practice. My revision didn’t go as well as planned since I was busying myself with baby stuff. And perhaps I was a little bit lazy. Hehe… But hey, I still do my weekly fair share of reading practice (raw manga) and listening practice (raw anime). :P

On the day of the exam, I was feeling very nervous. I was really ill prepared. However, I calmed my nerves and handled the exams with my years of exam experience. When I left the exam hall, I had hope that I may pass after all.

And now, the results:

  • Writing-Vocabulary – 67/100 – 67%
  • Listening – 83/100 – 83%
  • Reading-Grammar – 150/200  – 75%
  • Total – 300/400 – 75%

Yeah… I passed! Ha ha ha ha ha! I passed with a score of 300 (passing score is 240), not bad. In O-level terms, I would have scored an A1. :D

My poorest section was in Writing-Vocabulary, and rightfully so. As I had mentioned, I was ill prepared, and the one thing that required the most memory work and study time was vocab. And it really showed.

My best section was Listening. I attribute this to the 2 years experience I had interacting with my native Japanese teachers. Quite frankly, my Japanese teachers spoke much faster, more non-standard, and with more slang. So I naturally was able to understand most of what the exam audio tape played.

For Reading-Grammar, I did average. This was becos a lot of the information in the passages can be deduced from context. And somehow, I have more of a knack for remembering grammar than remembering vocab, so I was able to draw upon my memory from deep within to understand the comprehension passages.

It was a good result for me, given the little time I spent on preparation. Now, I hope to advance to the next level and try my hands on the new N3 level which is set between JLPT 3 and JLPT 2. Of course, N3 is not going to be a walk in the park. I’ve most probably already used up my luck and rusty memory with JLPT 3, so I need to study study study! *Growl*




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