I Love Bukit Batok

I love Bukit Batok, or more correctly, I love how our house is so accessible to so many amenities.

Dear1 and Dear2 live in a more than 20 years old 3 room flat along Bukit Batok West Ave 6.  3 years back when we purchased this flat under the WIS scheme, many friends and relatives questioned us about our choice.  An old flat in a not-so-popular estate did not seem to be a wise choice among young newly weds like us, but the location of our house is exactly the main advantage that appealed to us.  3 years on, and we are still very pleased with our choice.


I love Westmall.  It is really a 麻雀虽小, 五脏俱全 shopping centre.  Food outlets are plentiful – McDonalds, KFC, Burger King, Mos Burger, Subway, Pastamania, Swensens, Coffee Bean, Sakae Sushi and other restaurants, almost most of the popular eateries can be found in this small little mall.  And there’s also Old Chang Kee, Breadtalk, Bee Cheng Hiang, Bengawan Solo, Polar Cakes – you don’t need a big shopping mall to buy your favourite snacks.

There’s also numerous other household brands in this seemingly simple mall – Precious Moments, Aussino, Lee Hwa, Citigems, SK, Tian Po, M1 and Singtel, Watsons, Guardian, Shop n Save, Tom & Stephanie etc.  Particularly with respect to Tom & Stephanie, this was a saver for the past 2 days when we desperately needed to get a nasal cleaner and wet wipes for Baby1, and a nipple cream for Dear2’s cracked nipples.  Surprisingly, all these could be found here!!  Save us the hassle of going to some big departmental store to get these life-savers, keke.

Apart from shopping, you can also go to the Post Office, or visit the National Library, or watch a movie, or go to the Arcade, or do your hair, or go for a facial, or go for a massage, or simply, shop at Verge, Red1, This Fashion, Triumph, Giordano or G2000.  Simply marvelous!

Bukit Batok Central

Right out of Westmall, you can go to the Town Council, or visit Philip Investor Centre, or go to the banks like POSB or OCBC, or get some medication from NTUC Unity.  Or walk over to the Civil Service Club for its facilites if you are a member (something which we wanted to find out but never got to doing it, keke).  Or go to NTUC or Mr Bean at the Bukit Batok MRT Station, or take a MRT to somewhere, or simply just take a feeder bus home from the Bukit Batok Bus Interchange.

Bukit Batok West Ave 6

Back home, right across the road, there’s the wet market and dry market, and NTUC and Watsons and Guardian again, and basically all the usual neighbourhoods shops you’ll find and need right at your door steps.  Or take a stroll or have a barbeque at the mini park, or play badminton at the Community Centre, or if need be go to the Polyclinic.  Need a swim?  The swimming pool is right at the other end, probably a 10 min walk away…

I love our house at Bukit Batok.  Though the building is not new nor very clean, but its proximity to all the conveniences really make our house living a much nicer living environment compared to ‘if you need any shopping, please go to the neighbourhood mall which is packed with the entire estate’s population’ or ‘if you need to go anywhere, please wait for the only feeder bus which will bring you to loop 1 half of the estate and then finally bring you to the MRT/ bus terminal’…..  Kekeke…

– Dear2


4 thoughts on “I Love Bukit Batok

    • Hi Lee,

      Frankly, we’ve never tried the chendol at Bengawan Solo becos it seems quite unusual for a cake shop to be selling ice desserts. But since you’ve mentioned it, probably we should give it a try one of these days. ;D


  1. what a nice promotion for this lovely but slightly boring district… :)

    you do not need to be a member of civil service club to enjoy some of the facilities – gym membership is quite cheap also for non-members and gym members can use the fantastic and huge pool for a small (weekdays) or not-quite-small (weekends) fee . plus there is bowling and a very strange karaoke lounge (haven’t tried) available for non-members as well.

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