From a Couple to a Family

I’m so glad that Dear1 and Dear2 got our love nest early in our marriage.

With Baby1 in tow now, couple life has definitely changed a lot for Dear1 and Dear2. No more having meals together and chatting over the dinner, no more blogging about all sorts of things that went through our minds, no more watching of anime non-stop for hours and hours on boring Saturdays and Sundays, no more just driving out to explore Sembawang Park or Jurong Hill after 3pm on a Saturday evening, even no more of leisurely grocery shopping at the downstairs NTUC. With Baby1 in tow now, it’s just hard to wistfully spend time accompanying each other or doing couple things. Hence I am so glad that we have already done these before Baby1 is born, keke.

Dear1 and Dear2 didn’t really plan our marriage life actually. After graduation at 26 years old, that was the age that we set out to settle down and set up our love nest soonest possible. 26 years old get married, spend a few years enjoying couple life, and have a baby before age 30 so that by the time baby is 21 years old, we will only be 50. That just sounds so logical.

So we spend the first year of married life equipping our house and ‘slowly and silently’ move out of our parents place into our own house. After that, it was just enjoying ourselves and each other as a couple doing couple things including training for runs and going for the numerous running events together. 2 years later it was get-the-dinner-over-and-done with, after which was the anticipated Japan honeymoon. And luckily we really did have a nice and long holiday in Japan, cos with baby in tow, overseas trips will become so much of a hassle now, hahaha…

I’m glad that Dear1 and Dear2 had some nice couple time together and did some of the couple things that we wanted to do before Baby1 is born, cos going forward, it will be Mummy and Daddy and Baby time together as a family, keke..

– Dear2


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