Baby1’s Input Output


Dear1 has disappeared for so long without posting any new write ups. Why? Well, it’s because Dear1 has a work related deadline to meet and has been really really busy the past 2 weeks. And then I was arrowed to present a seminar on the same day as the earlier deadline! Thanks to that, I’ve been super busy. Luckily, things are all over now and I can take a short break. Phew!

Main Story

During our hospital stay, we learned to read the status of Baby1 from the nurses’ clipboard that was hung under Baby1’s cot. You know, that clipboard that nurses and doctors use to record everything like what medicine was given, what time it was given, what time the last doctor visit was, blood pressure, temperature, blah blah. And the visiting doctor would always read this clipboard to update himself on the latest status of the person he is seeing.

The clipboard used by the doctors and nurses recorded Baby1’s feeding schedule and outputs in detail.

Yup, so we played doctor with Baby1 during our hospital stay and constantly read the clipboard to see how baby was doing. What was her weight today? What tests or injections were given? Did the nurses give any formula milk behind our backs? Luckily they didn’t. :D

One interesting feature we noted on this clipboard was that the nurses recorded the input and output of Baby1 in detail. What time was baby brought to mummy for breastfeeding? How many minutes of latching on left breast? Right breast? Was the suckling good? How many ml of glucose water was given? What time was the diaper changed? Was there any urine? Was there any poo? What was the colour of the poo? It was really quite interesting reading all these data and making sense of them.

So, when we reached home, we decided to implement a similar “baby input output” chart. Of course it didn’t have to be so detailed and structured like the one at the hospital. It just needed to contain the important information. We settled on just 4 columns – Time, Urine, Poo, and Feeding Remarks. And we just used a simple paper notepad to record these.

Our own version of Baby1’s feeding and outputs. It really packs a lot of data in just a few words. :D

The initial idea was simply for us to monitor Baby1’s urine and bowel movements. This was important to us because Baby1 had jaundice and we were told that frequent urination can improve the jaundice situation. So we wanted to know exactly how many times Baby1 was passing urine so that we could react accordingly.

Along the way, we noticed other benefits. From our simple chart, we could also see how often Baby1 was passing poo. And we observed the poo changing from black to green to yellow, from gooey to watery to mashy. Yes, it was all in our records. Cool! It also acted as a diaper reminder. When was the last time the diaper was changed? We better change it now.

Then we noticed another benefit. We can monitor Baby1’s input patterns as well. What time was the last feed? Was she due for feeding? How much did she drink? Right 10 minutes Left 12 minutes. Pumped 38 ml. Supplement 40 ml Formula Milk. Fed 20 ml Expressed Breast Milk. And we watch her going through her growth spurt, going from 3-4 hours feeding intervals to 2 hours. And her required supplement increasing from 30 ml to 40 ml to 50 ml.

We also watched as Baby1 as she developed her night sleeping patterns. From her 3-4 times a night feeding pattern to the current 1 feed per night. She would take her last feed around 11pm-12am, then sleep through 4-5 hours. The next feed would then be about 8am in the morning.

It also became our diagnostic tool. Why was Baby1 having green poo today? How much formula milk did she take the day before? Baby1 had not poo’ed for the last 8 hours, should we be expecting a mega-poo coming soon? Was she constipated from too much formula milk? Maybe she was gassy?

Unknowingly, our little notepad became a mini diary, recording Baby1’s growth. It’s so much fun just flipping through the pages and seeing how Baby1 had grown. To complement the notepad, we also make it a point to take at least 1 photo of Baby1 everyday. We highly recommend all parents to do the same! :D



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