Baby1 Hospital Bill

One of the most important financial considerations for Baby1 was the hospital bill for delivery. And this piece of information proved to be the most elusive and difficult to find. For some reason, people just don’t share this information in a transparent way. Perhaps that’s becos the hospital bill was so overly complicated. So, let me shed some light and talk a bit about our hospital bill without going into details about medisave (I’m confused by medisave too, just trust that the hospital is doing their best to legally squeeze every drop of medisave from us, which is a good thing!).

We gathered from our search, both online and offline, that the hospital bill size can vary a lot depending on the hospital and the delivery procedure. The cash portion ranges from something like $900 – $8000. That’s a mighty big range to work with. In the end, we decided to set aside $5000 in cash to pay for the credit card which is going to pay for the hospital bill.

Luckily, we were within our budget. Our 4 nights stay at TMC, 1 bedded with companion, planned C-section with epidural, was $2445.55 (after medisave deduction). We were very pleased with this bill for several reasons.

First, it was near median value. At TMC, there are many posters that compared the prices of the various baby hospitals in Singapore. It also listed the median cost of the hospital bill and our bill size was very close to the median. It means we didn’t really overspend.

Second, it was 1 bedded with companion. Surely we could have made it cheaper by staying in a 4 bedded room, but we wanted to spend this happy occasion together as a family so we splurge a little and chose the 1 bedded instead.

Third, we stayed 4 nights instead of 3. The standard for C-section delivery was a 3 nights stay at the hospital. However, Baby1 was unable to discharge with us on the 4th morning, so we decided to extend our hospital stay by 1 night to accompany Baby1 and to keep up with breastfeeding. Baby1 also had phototherapy for 1 day. Read the story here. Not to mention that we also got the best rest on this extension day becos everybody thought we had discharged and nobody visited us on that day. Hehe… Despite our extended stay, our bill was still near median.

Fourth, it was well within our budget. Becos we were so mentally prepared to spend at least $4000 cash for the hospital bill, we were pleasantly surprised when it was well below our expectations. :D

Now, let’s take a look at the bill.

  • Dear2:
  • C-section with epidural 1 bedded 4 nights: $3175
  • Companion 4 nights: $240
  • Drugs, medicine, supplies, procedure, facilities: $263.9
  • FBI discount for 1 bedded: -$100
  • GST for hospital: $250.52
  • Gynae fees: $2461
  • Anesthetist fees: $450
  • FBI discount for professional fees: -$100
  • Medisave deduction: -$4400
  • Cash payable: $2240.42
  • Baby1:
  • Baby package: $388
  • Drugs, medicine, supplies, facilities, etc: $593.9
  • FBI discount for hospital: -$28.16
  • GST for hospital: $66.77
  • Baby doctor fees: $406.40
  • FBI discount for professional fees: -$40.64
  • Medisave deduction: -$1181.13
  • Cash payable: $205.14
  • Total cash payable: $2445.55 (after rounding adjustments)

There you have it, an itemized hospital bill for stay at the hospital. Let me round off with a few comments.

First, one of the contributing factor to our rather “low” cost was becos the C-section was planned (not that we had a choice anyway). If it had in fact been a natural delivery which later became an emergency C-section, the bill would have been higher becos we would have been charged for both the natural delivery procedure as well as the C-section procedure, and we would also consume more medical supplies. So this is yet another advantage of planned C-section.

Second, planned C-section allows the hospital time to prepare or reserve the suitable 1 bedded room for us, the cheapest one. Note that there are many categories of 1 bedded rooms at TMC and the prices can be two to three times higher. We opted for the cheapest and basic one. If it had been natural delivery, the choice of 1 bedded room would be based upon availability and the cheapest may not be available. Our situation was sort of a walk-in planned C-section brought forward case, so we were quite lucky that the nice lady at the admission counter was able to secure us the room we wanted. Read our admission story here.

Third, the FBI card was well worth the money. I’ve listed the FBI discounts in the bill above, so you can compare it with my earlier analysis of the worth of the FBI card. Anyway, just get the card, it’s worth it!

Fourth, we paid using our Manhattan card. The hospital bill and our other household bills and spendings for the month totaled to more than $3000, which means we get to receive 5% cash rebate that works out to be at least $150. Yeah!

Last but not least, remember to set aside another $500 or so for post-natal checkup. Dear2 had to visit the gynae again 1 week and 1 month after delivery for mandatory checkup. These are not covered in the ante-natal package. Baby1 had to visit the PD for 1 week checkup too. So factor these costs in. That’s it.



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