Baby1 Shower

We organized Baby1’s baby shower about 1 month ago. It was a simple affair as both Dear2 and I don’t have much spare energy to do anything more fanciful.

First, we decided that we will not use our house as the venue. Firstly, our house is too small and too messy with baby’s things. Secondly, we do not want to clean up after the party. Remembering from our house warming 3 years ago, cleaning up after a party is truly exhausting, and we won’t have the energy. So, it was decided, the baby shower will be held at Dear1’s parents’ house.

Next, we sent out SMS to the people we are inviting. Once they have confirmed their attendance, we proceeded with ordering the food. We ordered food for 50 people despite having more guests than that. Experience tells us that people dun eat much at such house parties. It was to be an afternoon affair from 12pm-6pm.

Our traditional full month cake from Gin Thye consists of a 700g cake + 2 red eggs + 2 ang ku kueh.

Then, we went to Gin Thye to order the full month cakes for our relatives. We liked Gin Thye because we prefer the traditional cakes to those modern chocolates and tarts that many people serve these days. We ordered the $9 cake with consists of a 700g cake + 2 red eggs + 2 ang ku kueh in each box. We decided not to deliver the cake by hand. Instead, we will distribute the cakes to the relatives at the baby shower and then deliver the remaining cakes to relative who were not able to attend the party.

And that’s it for preparations.

Come the actual day, we woke up early to bath Baby1 and to prepare her essentials for the day. As usual, things are unpredictable with Baby1 and we ended up late for our own event; we arrived at my parents’ house slightly late and some guests had already arrived before us.

Frustratingly, the caterer did not arrive until 12.30pm and by the time everything was set up, it was already 1pm. Finally, our hungry guests can have their buffet lunch.

Meanwhile, Baby1 slept through most of the day despite the noisy environment. We have brought her Capella stroller to the house and used it as her temporary bed in the living room.

Throughout the day, we hardly have much time to ourselves. We entertained all our guests and share with them our new experiences of parenthood, stopping only to feed Baby1 her milk. It was quite a tiring day hosting all our guests.

We wrapped things up at around 7.30pm and came home. Then we bathed Baby1 and ourselves and got ready to rest for the night.

And that’s our very simple baby shower. :)


Encore: One interesting thing that we noticed was that a surprisingly small number of guests (iirc 3 or 4) gave us actual presents. The rest simply gave baby an auspicious congrats ang bao, which is a good thing! Initially, we were slightly worried about receiving many duplicate gifts because we had already bought a lot of baby’s equipment ourselves. Luckily, the few gifts we received were clothes and toys which are always good to have. The cash ang baos will definitely come in useful for baby and us. We used the ang bao money to pay for the catering and cakes. Then we gave $1000 to Baby1 and deposited it in her first POSB Kids savings account. We then deposited the rest into Baby1’s CDA account for her future use and also to start earning her $1-for-$1 baby bonus. :)


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